Give input on assessments

The list of plants and animals that will be considered at the next meeting of the Committee on the Status of Species at Risk in Ontario is posted online. You are welcome to submit information to the Committee when the meeting agenda is set, or to observe the discussions at the meeting in person.

For additional information about upcoming meetings, please contact

See which species will be considered by the committee and the location of the next meeting

Write recovery strategies

The Ministry periodically seeks submissions from qualified people for the development of new recovery strategies or updates to existing strategies.

If you would like to receive notification of future opportunities to author Ontario recovery strategies, email us to be placed on our distribution list.

Comment on proposed government decisions

Visit the Environmental Registry to provide your feedback on:

  • recovery strategies
  • government response statements
  • habitat regulations
  • other information about how the government will act to protect species at risk

Read and comment on current postings about species at risk:

Visit the Environmental Registry to comment