Seniors Community Grant Program

Seniors Community Grants ranging from $1,000 up to $25,000 help community organizations provide opportunities for greater social inclusion, volunteerism and community engagement for older adults, from the safety of their homes or other safe environments.

With the health and safety of Ontario’s older adults being more important than ever, the goal of the program is to address social isolation and help older adults stay healthy, safe and engaged in their communities.

How to apply

The applications for the Seniors Community Grant Program are now closed.

Contact us

If you have questions about the program, please email or call your regional development advisor.

Other funding opportunities

Learn about the EnAbling Change Program and Inclusive Community Grant.

You can also browse a full list of funding opportunities across different topics from the Ontario government.


Arrange seminars in your community about seniors’ health, safety, finances and consumer protection.

Advance Care Planning

Learn about advance care planning and how it can give seniors a greater say in their future choices about health and personal care.

The sessions are delivered by specially trained local staff for seniors, people affected by dementia, substitute decision-makers and health care providers.

Contact your local Alzheimer Society chapter or the Alzheimer Society of Ontario at 416-967-5900 for information on upcoming public education and training sessions.

Consumer Education

Consumer Protection Ontario is an awareness program of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and other public organizations, known as administrative authorities, that promote consumer rights and public safety.

The ministry and these administrative authorities enforce a number of Ontario’s consumer protection and public safety laws, investigate alleged violations and handle complaints.

Fire Safety for Older Adults

Learn about the leading cause of fires and get tips to prevent them from happening.

This 45-minute seminar, delivered by local fire department staff, covers:

  • who’s at greatest risk of fire in Ontario
  • typical fire scenarios
  • leading causes of fires
  • tips on how to prevent fires
  • how to prepare for a fire emergency
  • what to do in a fire emergency

Get more information by emailing Chris Slosser or Denise Wallace at the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management.

Understanding Ontario’s Personal Income Tax, Tax Credits and Benefits

Get information on the tax credits and benefits that you may qualify for, how to apply for them, and how to obtain additional information.

The seminar is one hour long and includes a general question and answer period.

To request a free seminar/webinar for your seniors group, email or call 1-866-668-8297 ext. 17064.

Overview of Ontario’s Estate Administration Tax

During this seminar, you will learn:

  • what Ontario’s Estate Administration Tax (EAT) is
  • when EAT is applicable
  • how to calculate EAT

The seminar is one hour long and includes a question and answer period.

To request a free seminar/webinar for your seniors group, email or call 1-866-668-8297 ext. 17064.

Property Assessment and Taxation: The ABCs of Property Assessment

Learn more about property assessment, how it works and what to do if you don’t agree with your assessed value.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) will outline how they assess properties for their value and how the values relate to the amount of property taxes you pay to the local government.

Senior Licence Renewal Process for Drivers 80 and Older

Get information on:

  • trends and statistics for older drivers
  • testing requirements for those 80 years and older
  • collision reporting process for those 70 years and older
  • signs of aging or medications related to driving ability
  • driving tips and recent rules of the road

The presentation is 90 minutes long.

Get more information by emailing the Ministry of Transportation’s Public Outreach and Education Office.

Speaking of Bones

This seminar is 45 minutes long and covers:

  • what is osteoporosis
  • bone basics
  • risk factors and diagnosis
  • drug therapies
  • the importance of calcium, vitamin D and physical activity to bone health
  • living with osteoporosis

It is delivered by a well-trained group of volunteers in areas where Osteoporosis Canada chapters exist across Ontario.

For more information and to find out about booking a speaker in your area, please email Tanya Long, National Education Manager at Osteoporosis Canada or call 416-696-2663 ext. 229.

The Seniors Liaison Committee

The Seniors Liaison Committee (SLC), is chaired by the Ministry’s Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for seniors’ policy.

The Committee facilitates two-way communication between the government and Ontario’s largest seniors’ organizations on topics of policies, programs and services.

SLC’s mandate is to:

  • identify issues and concerns of Ontario’s seniors with provincial government services in an aging society
  • provide input and feedback related to government’s policies, programs and services related to Ontario’s aging population
  • allow dialogue among members and government
  • identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership among members

SLC members are organizations with leadership, knowledge, expertise and connections related to issues of aging in Ontario, including:

Please email us if you would like to receive information from the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility.