MyBenefits online service

You can also use the MyBenefits online service to report changes or get information about your ODSP or Ontario Works case.

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How to access the IVR

Have your confidential member identification number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) handy.

You can find your member identification number on letters you receive from ODSP or Ontario Works.

If you need a PIN, contact your local social assistance office to have one set up.

Remember to keep your PIN confidential and use it only with the IVR.

Call Toll-free: 1-800-808-2268 and follow the prompts.

Menu options

Payments and benefits menu (press 1):

For most recent payment, press 1

For previous payment information, press 2

For overpayment information, press 3

For additional benefits, press 4

Case status menu (press 2):

For current case status, press 1

For information on items to verify, press 2

Report income and earnings menu (press 3):

To report income and earnings press 1

Change PIN menu (press 4)

To be transferred to the IVR PIN Reset Help Desk, press 0

General information and office locations menu (press 5):

For general information, press 1

For office location, press 2

For office mailing address, press 3

Other options

To repeat information at any time, press *

To be transferred to your local office, press 0

To return to the main menu, press 9