As of September 2022, we are increasing rates for ODSP by 5%.

This 5% increase applies to:

  • singles and families:
    • basic needs and shelter maximums
    • board and lodge amounts
  • amounts for services provided by a Long-Term Care Home or a Specialized Care Residence

This increase means that if you are a single person receiving $1,169 a month from ODSP for basic needs and shelter, your ODSP payment would go up to $1,228 a month in September.

We will also tie future annual ODSP rate increases to inflation.

The Ontario Government also offers many other supports to individuals and families. Find out about other support programs you may be eligible for.


Your eligibility for ODSP depends on medical and financial circumstances. Find out what information we look at when deciding your eligibility, and how much you can earn and keep in assets while being on ODSP. Learn how these affect your income support and eligibility on ODSP.

Income support for you and your family

If you are eligible to receive income support through ODSP, you receive a monthly payment.

Learn about how your living situation affects the amounts you receive.

Health and disability benefits

See what help is available for health, dental, vision, and disability-related costs, for you and your family.

Learn your rights and responsibilities

You have rights and responsibilities while on ODSP. Knowing what to expect and what you need to do under the program will help ensure that you get the support you are entitled to.

Employment supports

Find out how you can get help finding a job or advance your career if you have a disability, through ODSP employment supports. You don’t have to be on ODSP to apply.

Working and earning

Find out about the benefits of working while on ODSP, including help with childcare and starting your own business. Learn how income affects your income support and how to report earnings.

Transition Child Benefit

Find out if you are eligible for the Transition Child Benefit and how it affects your ODSP case.

ODSP office locations

Use the social assistance office locator to get contact information for your local office.


You can find forms for ODSP that your ODSP caseworker may ask you to submit on the Central Forms Repository (CFR).

Policy directives

You can read the policy directives that provide the requirements and guidance for the administration of:

Internal reviews and appeals

If you disagree with a decision about your ODSP case or application, you can ask for an internal review and may be able to appeal a decision through the Social Benefits Tribunal.

2022 ODSP payment dates

ODSP issues income support payments monthly.

Payments are on the last business day of each month. December payments may be available earlier in the month.

Benefit monthPayment date
SeptemberSeptember 29, 2022
OctoberOctober 31, 2022
NovemberNovember 30, 2022