The Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs oversees intergovernmental relations for the Ontario government.

Our core responsibilities include:

  • providing strategic advice and analysis on matters of intergovernmental relations as well as democratic institutions of government
  • working to enhance interministerial collaboration in the advancement of Ontario’s intergovernmental priorities
  • supporting the premier in providing leadership in the Canadian federation
  • leading the development of an overall intergovernmental strategy to support ministries

Multilateral relations

We support and advise on Ontario’s intergovernmental interests in multilateral conferences and meetings that bring together representatives from federal, provincial and territorial governments, most notably through the Council of the Federation (COF) forum.

Canada’s 13 provincial and territorial premiers are members of the council, whose objectives are to:

  • promote interprovincial-territorial cooperation and closer ties between premiers, to ultimately strengthen Canada
  • foster meaningful relations between governments based on respect for the Constitution and recognition of the diversity within the federation
  • show leadership on issues important to all Canadians

Established in 2003, the council enables premiers to work collaboratively to strengthen the Canadian federation by fostering a constructive relationship among the provinces and territories, and with the federal government.

Bilateral relations

Federal government

To strengthen Ontario’s relationship with the federal government, we engage and support bilateral discussions with the federal government on Ontario priorities.

We also support and work centrally with other ministries on federal-provincial negotiations.

Other provinces

We collaborate with other provinces and territories on shared priorities.

For example, supporting important regional bilateral conversations such as joint Ontario-Québec meetings.

Key activities

Council of the Federation

We support the premier’s participation in Council of the Federation meetings to:

  • advance Ontario’s interests in the development of interprovincial and territorial positions
  • promote cooperation with other provinces and territories

First Ministers’ Meetings

We support the premier’s participation at First Ministers’ Meetings to:

  • engage with the prime minister and the federal government to advance Ontario’s priorities
  • collaborate with other provinces and territories on the development and implementation of shared national priorities

Other intergovernmental conferences

Every year, the Government of Ontario participates in intergovernmental conferences and meetings involving ministers, deputy ministers and premiers.

These conferences address a wide range of policy issues. The Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs works in collaboration with other Ontario ministries in promoting Ontario’s intergovernmental interests at these meetings and conferences.