Consular offices

Browse a list of consular offices and learn about the consular corps in Ontario.

Intergovernmental relations

Learn how we support Ontario’s priorities and relationships with other governments.

International relations

Learn how we coordinate Ontario's international relationships and raise our profile abroad.

Flag protocol

Information on the standard practice of half-masting and the rules for displaying flags at Ontario government events and ceremonies.

Addressing dignitaries

Information on how to address government officials, including the use of “The Honourable.”

Official visits and state ceremonies

Information on our official ceremonies, including royal visits, swearings-in, funerals and Remembrance Day.

Order of precedence

Information on the seating or speaking order of dignitaries and government officials for provincial ceremonies and special events.

What we do

  • provide strategic advice and analysis on matters of intergovernmental relations, international affairs and protocol, as well as democratic institutions of government
  • work to enhance interministerial collaboration to advance Ontario's intergovernmental priorities
  • support the premier in providing leadership in the Canadian federation and enhancing Ontario's international relationships
  • lead the development of an intergovernmental strategy to support ministries in the advancement of the government's key policy initiatives
  • central coordination for the province’s international engagement

Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs
Whitney Block, Suite 5520
99 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1

Office of International Relations and Protocol

The Office of International Relations and Protocol acts as the Ontario government’s point of contact to one of the largest consular corps in the world, with more than 100 foreign governments represented in Ontario.

We provide international relations and protocol advice, including:

  • advancing and strengthening Ontario’s relationships domestically and internationally
  • advising on all matters of protocol around display of flags, order of precedence and styles of address
  • acting as the point of contact for the consular corps in Ontario to provide the support necessary to facilitate their mandates, help to fulfill requirements under the Vienna Convention and advance bilateral cooperation
  • coordinating meetings for consul generals and foreign ambassadors and high commissioners from Ottawa with the Premier, cabinet ministers and the Lieutenant Governor
  • planning and conducting official visits, including by heads of state of government, the Royal Family and the governor general
  • coordinating state ceremonial and commemorative events involving the lieutenant governor and/or premier


The ministry administers the following legislation: