About international schools

There are 19 international schools that offer credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) under agreement with the Ministry of Education.

We inspect standard of instruction in each school. If a school receives a satisfactory inspection report, the principal is authorized to grant credits towards OSSD.

The inspection of the school does not include matters relating to the health, safety or supervision of students.

Please note that we are not:

  • involved in the hiring of teachers for the school
  • responsible for any claim for injury, loss or other damages to students, staff or visitors arising out of the operation of international school

List of schools

Afnorth International School

School number: 879231
Ferdinand Bolstraat 1
6445EE Brunssum
Principal: Janice Hughes
Tel: 011-31-45-527-8200
Fax: 0113145-527-8277
Email: janice.hughes@afnorth-is.com
Website: afnorth-is.com

Bond Canadian Academy/Yinchuan No. 2 High School

School number: 879059
151 Yingcai Lane, Zhongshan North Street
Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia
People's Republic of China, 750004
Principal: Anne Banitowski
Tel: 0951-6180553
Email: abanitowski@web.bondacademy.ca
Website: bondchina.ca/schools/yinchuan-bond-international-college/

Boren Sino – Canadian School

School No.: 879363
65 Shuanglong Avenue
Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province
People's Republic of China, 529030
Principal: Mr. Brent Godovitz
Tel: 011-86-750-321-7848
Fax: 01186750-321-9003
Email: bgodovitz@borenschool.com

Canadian College Italy

School number: 879142
Via Cavour 13
Lanciano (Chieti)
Principal: Ms. Marisa D'Alessandro
Tel: 011-39-0872-714969
Fax: 0113908-724-5028
Email: admisssions@canadiancollegeitaly.com
Website: www.canadiancollegeitaly.com

Canadian Int'l School of Hong Kong

School number: 879134
36 Nam Long Shan Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Principal: Dr. David Butler
Tel: 011-852-2525-7088
Fax: 0118522-525-7579
Email: davidbutler@cdnis.edu.hk
Website: cdnis.edu.hk/

Canadian International School of Egypt

School number: 879304
El Tagamoa El Khames
4th District, Zone #6
Katameya, New Cario,
Principal: Kellie Weir
Tel: 01151333332
Fax: 011202-617-4500
Email: k.weir@cise-eg.com

Canadian Trillium College - Nanjing

School number: 879282
High School
Gulou District
Nanjing Province
People's Republic of China
Principal: Mr. John Holtom
Tel: 86-18795848364
Fax: 01186595-220-2528
Email: johnholtom@hotmail.com
Website: ctc-schoolchina.com/en/

Canadian Trillium College – Jinhua

School number: 879724
No. 1588 Guangnan Road
Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province
People's Republic of China, 321017
Principal: Mr. John Holtom
Tel: 86-13957980254
Fax: 0115798-129-0666
Email: johnholtom@hotmail.com
Website: ctc-schoolchina.com/en/

Canadian Trillium College – Shanghai

School number: 879247
261 Huang Yang Road, Pudong District Shanghai
People's Republic of China, 201206
Principal: Mr. John Holtom
Tel: 86-13917833914
Fax: 011860215-854-4982
Email: johnholtom@hotmail.com
Website: ctc-schoolchina.com/en/

Caribbean International Academy

School number: 879266
4, Tigres Road, Dutch Lowlands
St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
Netherlands Antilles
Principal: Mr. Herbert Klassen
Tel: 721-545-3871
Fax: 721-545-3872
Email: principal@ciaschool.com
Website: www.ciaschool.com

Columbia International School of Japan

School number: 879061
153 Matsugo
Tokorozawa Saitama
Principal: Mr. Barrie McCliggott
Tel: 011-42-946-1911
Fax: 01142-946-1955
Email: office@columbia-ca.co.jp
Website: www.columbia-ca.co.jp/en/

DSC International School

School number: 879037
5-7 Tai Fung Avenue
Taikoo Shing
Hong Kong
Principal: Mr. Allan Richard Morrison
Tel: 011-852-3658-0338
Fax: 0118522-885-7824
Email: s.office@dsc.edu.hk
Website: www.dsc.edu.hk

Huamei-Bond International College

School number: 879258
No.23 Huamei Road, Longdong, Tianhe District
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
People's Republic of China, 510520
Principal: Jing Bo Chen
Tel: 861-59-144-43647
Fax: 01186208-721-0196
Email: jaychen@huameiis.com
Website: bondchina.ca/schools/huamei-bond-international-college/

Maple Leaf International School

School number: 879177
Alyce Heights Drive
Alyce Glen
Petit Valley, Trinidad, West Indies
Trinidad and Tobago
Principal: Richard Rozario
Tel: 868-632-9578
Fax: 1-868-633-3068
Email: rrozario@mapleleaf-school.com
Website: www.mapleleaf-school.com

Nanjing-Bond International College

School number: 879482
Nanjing No. 13 High School, 14# Xijia Datang,
Xuanwu District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province,
People's Republic of China, 210008
Principal: Mr.Paul Barwinski
Tel: 011-86-25-8326-9911
Fax: 01186258-326-9927
Email: pbarwinski@bondcollege.com
Website: http://www.bondchina.ca/schools/nanjing-bond-international-college/

Neuchâtel Junior College

School number: 889172
Crêt-Taconnet 4
2002 Neuchâtel
Principal: Mr. Andrew Keleher
Tel: 011-078-410-0042
Fax: 0114132-722-1869
Email: akeleher@njc.ch
Website: www.njc.ch

Sunway College (Canadian Program)

School number: 879045
No. 3, Jalan Universiti
Bandar Sunway
47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan
Selangor, Malaysia
Principal: Heath Kondro
Tel: 011-603-7491-8070 ext. 8320
Fax: 0116037-491-8071
Email: heathk@sunway.edu.my
Website: college.sunway.edu.my/programmes/pre-u/cimp

Trillium International School

School number: 879380
#6 Maraj St
Montrose, Chaguanas
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago
Principal: Ms. Betty Ann Craig
Tel: 011-868-665-2641
Fax: 011868-665-6174
Email: admission@trillium.edu.tt

Yinghua – Bond International College

School number: 879398
Yong Yang West Rd
WuQing District, Tianjin
People's Republic of China, 307100
Principal: Kenwoo Lee
Tel: 011-86-22-5961-1023
Fax: 01186225-961-1166
Email: klee.ont@yinghua-school.com
Website: bondchina.ca/schools/yinghua-bond-international-college/