Indigenous Internship Program at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF)

Learn about the Indigenous Internship Program, the self-identification process and how you can apply.

Internship Program at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

How it works

You could get an entry-level intern job at the ministry.


  • are paid a competitive salary
  • are offered a 12-month contract
  • work on projects that support natural resource management
  • receive mentoring, coaching and learning opportunities
  • develop valuable professional contacts

Who is eligible

You are eligible if you:

  • are a recent graduate (within four years) of a recognized post-secondary institution
  • are eligible to work in Canada
  • have not already participated in the MNRF Internship Program
  • are not a permanent OPS employee

Recognized post-secondary institution

If you are uncertain about what a recognized post-secondary institution is:

If you got your academic credentials outside Canada, CICIC will provide you with information on credential assessment services.

A certificate is not the same as a post-diploma certificate and does not meet the eligibility criteria for this program.

Types of jobs

The ministry offers a wide range of internship positions, including:

  • biologists
  • communications
  • economists
  • financial management
  • foresters
  • geomatics technicians
  • human resources
  • Indigenous liaison and Indigenous relations
  • policy specialists
  • program and service delivery
  • resource technicians
  • survey and mapping technicians

How to apply

Step 1: Visit the OPS Careers page. Under “Select Job Category”, select “Internships”, then click "Search".

Step 2: Submit a résumé and cover letter online by the deadline given. Clearly indicate how your skills and knowledge match the job you are applying for.

Internship positions are posted on OPS Careers in the Spring. You may apply for multiple positions.