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As of January 2022, there are new regulations for walleye, northern pike, muskellunge and bass.


New regulations:

  • harvestable slot size for walleye: must be 40-45 centimetres (none less than 40 centimetres and none greater than 45 centimetres)
  • Sport Licence – two and Conservation Licence – one

The harvestable slot of 40 to 45 centimetres for walleye in Lake Nipissing will help to:

  • continue to build the biomass (the kilograms of fish in a lake) of walleye to a healthy level
  • continue to protect young fish so they can grow to maturity and reproduce
  • start protecting mature walleye to rebuild a healthy age structure

Northern pike

New regulations:

  • not more than one greater than 61 centimetres, none greater than 86 centimetres
  • Sport Licence – four or Conservation Licence – two 

The Lake Nipissing northern pike fishing regulation was changed to:

  • reduce mortality rates to meet Fisheries Management Plan goals
  • protect the large mature northern pike in Lake Nipissing
  • provide angling opportunities while managing for a robust fishery


New regulations:

  • minimum size limit
  • Sport Licence – one; must be greater than 137 centimetres (54 inches) and Conservation Licence – zero

The purpose of the minimum size limit for muskellunge on Lake Nipissing is to:

  • protect large muskellunge
  • maximize the growth potential of muskellunge

Smallmouth and largemouth bass

New regulations:

  • bass season: open from January 1 to March 15 and third Saturday in May to November 30
  • limit Sport Licence – six and Conservation Licence – two

The change in season for Lake Nipissing smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing regulations is to:

  • support a high-quality recreational and tourism fishery
  • diversify fishing opportunities on the lake
  • provide angling opportunities while maintaining sustainable populations
  • align Lake Nipissing bass season opening date with the rest of FMZ 11

Read the 2022 Ontario Fishing Regulation Summary for more information.

Fishing rules

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About Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing is managed through a separate planning process. It is one of the most intensive inland fisheries in the province, with:

  • resources that support Nipissing First Nation and Dokis First Nation members
  • a popular ice fishery
  • 44 fish species
  • a sport fish community featuring bass, yellow perch, northern pike and walleye

For more information on fisheries management and fishing regulations for Lake Nipissing, contact:

North Bay District
Telephone: 705-475-5550

Legal boundary map and detail maps

Legal boundary map for FMZ 11 and detail maps 1 - 11 (PDF)

Monitoring reports and management plans

Lake Nipissing Advisory Council

The Lake Nipissing Advisory Council provides advice during the development of fisheries objectives and strategies.

Council members represent a broad range of views including:

  • angling groups
  • scientists and researchers
  • conservation groups
  • interested community members

The advisory council participates in fisheries management by:

  • sharing ideas and expertise with the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry
  • helping to develop and implement management strategies
  • communicating with the local and angling community