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New fish sanctuary in Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park in 2022

As of January 2022, there are new year-round sanctuaries (meaning no fishing) on:

  • Little White Pine Lake
  • Little Aurora Lake
  • Aurora Lake
  • connecting streams within Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park

The purpose of these sanctuaries is to protect and conserve the re-established naturally reproducing populations of aurora trout.

Read the Ontario Fishing Regulation Summary for more information.

FMZ 11 management plan update 2020

The Fisheries Management Zone 11 management plan was finalized in 2020.

We made several changes to fishing regulations in Fisheries Management Zone 11 through the planning process. You can read these changes on the Environmental Registry.

Read the Ontario Fishing Regulations Summary for more information on fishing regulations.

Fishing regulations

You can:

About this zone

FMZ 11 is located in northeast Ontario. This zone has:

  • the large, popular fisheries of Lake Nipissing and Lake Temagami
  • the smallest area of the northern Ontario FMZs
  • valuable recreational and tourism industries
  • important fisheries including walleye, northern pike, lake trout, muskellunge and smallmouth bass

FMZ 11 is one of 20 fisheries management zones in the province.


Zone 11 is located in northeastern Ontario and includes the cities of North Bay, Temagami, Sturgeon Falls and New Liskeard.
View Fisheries Management Zone 11 map using Fish on-Line or a PDF.

FMZ 11:

  • the Ottawa River and Lake Temiskaming (FMZ 12) form the eastern border
  • the southern border follows the Pickerel River, Highway 522 and Algonquin Park’s northern boundary
  • cities include North Bay, Temagami, Sturgeon Falls and New Liskeard

Legal boundary map and detail maps

Legal boundary map for FMZ 11 and detail maps 1 - 11 (PDF)

FMZ 11 monitoring reports and management plans

Zone advisory council

The FMZ 11 council provides advice during the development of fisheries objectives and strategies.

Council members represent a broad range of views including:

  • angling groups
  • scientists and researchers
  • conservation groups
  • interested community members

The advisory council participates in fisheries management by:

  • sharing ideas and expertise with the ministry
  • helping to develop and implement management strategies
  • communicating with the local and angling community

For more information about the Fisheries Management Zone 11 advisory council, please contact:

North Bay work centre

General fishing regulations

Dip net for lake whitefish and lake herring in Fisheries Management Zone 11 (North Bay and Temagami)

You can dip net for lake whitefish and lake herring only in these designated waters:

  • Bigfish Lake (46°19'39"N., 79°09'50"W.) – Phelps Township
  • Blanche River (47°33'40"N., 79°32'02"W.) – Harris Township
  • Cassidy (Bass) Lake (47°21'33"N., 79°43'04”W.) – Gillies Limit Township
  • Gillies Lake (47°22'40"N., 79°44'38"W.) – Coleman Township
  • Hammond Lake – Hudson Township
  • Kitt Lake (47°21'03"N., 79°55'28"W.) – Kittson Township
  • Lower Twin Lake (46°58’47”N., 79°44'15"W.) – Riddell Township
  • Memesagamesing Lake (46°01'25"N., 79°59'39"W.) – Hardy Township
  • Net Creek (47°04'49"N., 79°43'46"W.) - Cassels Township
  • Red Cedar Lake (46°42'45"N., 79°56'14"W.) – McCallum and Thistle Townships
  • Restoule Lake (46°03'14"N., 79°46'19"W.) – Patterson Township
  • Ross Lake (46°59'12"N., 79°33'12"W.) – Eldridge Township
  • Thieving Bear Creek – Best Township
  • Tilliard Lake (46°20'02"N., 79°09'10"W.) – Phelps Township
  • Upper Twin Lake (47°00'30"N., 79°45'16"W.) – Riddell Township