Goal of the Living List

The Living List is part of a comprehensive program that supports the Toxics Reduction Act (2009). This legislation encourages regulated facilities to reduce their use and creation of toxic substances.

This list of prescribed toxic substances is called the Living List because it will change over time. You can get involved by nominating substances you think should be included, removed or changed.

Living List framework

The Living List is based on a framework the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change created with academics, industry, environmental, labour and public health groups. The framework describes how the ministry will review proposals and make its final decision.

Make a nomination

Anyone can make a nomination to add, delete or change a substance on the Living List. The ministry may also make its own nominations.

There are three steps to the Living List:

  • Nomination and screening
  • Review and public consultation
  • Decision

Nomination and screening

To nominate a substance for addition, deletion or change on the Living List:

The ministry will consider each nomination according to criteria detailed in the nomination guide and decide if a substance will be reviewed.

Review and public consultation

If the ministry decides to review a substance, it will:

  • gather information about how the substance is used, created and/or released in Ontario
  • consult with experts and interested parties
  • inform experts and interested parties of meetings and ways to respond to the review
  • post a proposal on Ontario’s Environmental Registry (also known as the Environmental Bill of Rights or EBR) for public comment


The ministry will consider all comments received during the public consultation and will post a decision on the Environmental Registry. The volume and complexity of nominations will determine when decisions are posted.

Nomination status

The ministry will update the status of the nominations on their website, with timing dependent on the volume and complexity of nominations.