List of Management Units (MU) in Ontario (2022-2023)

For the purposes of forest management, Ontario’s Crown forest is divided into geographic planning areas known as management units. Forest Management Plans are prepared for each of these management units and are periodically renewed based on the forest management planning cycle.

A small-scale map showing the general location of each management unit is included. For information on a specific management unit or forest management plan, please contact the Regional Office at the NDMNRF Region indicated in the list.

This list is prepared annually as required by the Forest Management Planning Manual 2020.

List of Management Units and the Scheduled FMP Renewal Dates

This table lists the current MU in Ontario for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. It also includes the term of the currently approved Forest Management Plan (FMP) and the first year of the next scheduled FMP.
MUMU nameCurrent Forest Management Plan periodCurrent Forest Management Plan type footnote *First year of next Forest Management PlanNext Forest Management Plan typeStatusTenure footnote **Sustainable Forest Licence effective dateLead districtRegion footnote ***
110Abitibi River Forest2022-2032FMP2032FMPSFLApril 1, 2010CochraneNE
615Algoma Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 1997Sault Ste. MarieNE
451Algonquin Park Forest2021-2031


2031FMPAFAApril 1, 1997PembrokeS
220Bancroft-Minden Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 2001BancroftS
35Black Spruce Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 1999Thunder BayNW
406Boundary Waters Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 2020Fort FrancesNW
175Caribou Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 1998Sioux LookoutNW
177Dog River-Matawin Forest2021-2031


2021FMPSFLApril 1, 1998Thunder BayNW
535Dryden Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 1998DrydenNW
230English River Forest2019-2029FMP2029FMPSFLApril 1, 1998DrydenNW
360French-Severn Forest2019-2029FMP2029FMPSFLApril 1, 1998Parry SoundS
438Gordon Cosens Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 2001HearstNE
601Hearst Forest2019-2029FMP2029FMPSFLApril 1, 2002HearstNE
350Kenogami Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLAugust 19, 2021NipigonNW
644Kenora Forest2022-2032FMP2032FMPSFLApril 1, 2002KenoraNW
702Lac Seul Forest (Note 1)2022-2024CP2024FMPSFLApril 1, 2018Sioux LookoutNW
816Lake Nipigon2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 2002NipigonNW
796Lakehead Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 1998Thunder BayNW
140Mazinaw-Lanark Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 2002BancroftS
574Missinaibi Forest (Note 2)2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 2002ChapleauNE
390Nagagami Forest2021-2031FMP2021FMPSFLApril 1, 2003WawaNE
754Nipissing Forest2019-2029FMP2029FMPSFLApril 1, 1996North BayNE
680Northshore Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 1998Sault Ste. MarieNE
415Ogoki Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPCRN/ANipigonNW
780Ottawa Valley Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 1999PembrokeS
966Pic Forest2021-2031FMP2031LFMCSFLSeptember 25, 2019WawaNE
421Pineland Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 2006ChapleauNE
840Red Lake Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 1999Red LakeNW
930Romeo Malette Forest2019-2029FMP2029FMPSFLApril 1, 2003TimminsNE
210Spanish Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 2001SudburyNE
889Sudbury Forest2020-2030FMP2030FMPSFLApril 1, 1998SudburyNE
898Temagami Forest2019-2029FMP2029FMPLFMCApril 1, 2022North BayNE
280Timiskaming Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 1997Kirkland LakeNE
120Trout Lake Forest2021-2031FMP2031FMPSFLApril 1, 1998Red LakeNW
443Wabadowgang Noopming Forest (i.e., Whitesand Forest) (Note 3)2021-2023CP2023FMPCRApril 2, 2021Thunder BayNW
130Wabigoon Forest2019-2029FMP2029FMPSFLApril 1, 1997DrydenNW
490Whiskey Jack Forest (Note 4)2022-2024PE2023FMPCRN/AKenoraNW
60White River Forest (Note 5)2018-2028FMP2028FMPSFLJanuary 2, 2018WawaNE
994Whitefeather Forest2022-2032FMP2032FMPSFLMay 15, 2013Red LakeNW

Forest Management Unit notes:

  1. The Lac Seul Forest implemented a two-year contingency plan (2022–2024) to facilitate the development of the 2024-2034 FMP.
  2. The Martel Forest and Magpie Forest amalgamated to form the new Missinaibi Forest in 2021.
  3. The former Armstrong Forest has been separated from the Lake Nipigon Forest; the new Wabadowgang Noopming Forest has been designated and includes the “Caribou East parcel”. The Wabadowgang Noopming Forest implemented a 2-year Contingency Plan (2021-2023) to facilitate the development of the 2023-2033 FMP.
  4. The Whiskey Jack Forest implemented a 2-year Plan Extension (2022-2024) to the 2012-2022 FMP to facilitate the development of the 2023-2033 FMP.
  5. A major amendment to the 2018-2028 FMP for the White River Forest is being prepared to finalize the operational planning for the second five-year period (2023-2028).

Management Unit map 2022–2023

This map shows the current forest management units in Ontario at the start of the 2022-2023 fiscal year and also shows the year the next FMP is scheduled to be implemented.

a multicoloured map of the first year of the next Forest Management Plan including contingency plans. 2023 areas are light blue, 2024 areas are purple, 2028 areas are teal, 2029 areas are orange, 2030 areas are green, 2031 areas are pink and 2032 areas are shown in tan.


For general information on forest management planning visit the forestry webpage on or contact:
Divisional Support Section Integration Branch
300 Water Street, 5th Floor South Tower
Peterborough ON K9J 8M5

For information about a specific MU or FMP contact your local NDMNRF office:
Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry regional and District Offices