The Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) is the electronic system established by the Minister for administering public lands for mining purposes and for the online registration of mining claims. With MLAS you can:

  • view active unpatented mining claims
  • register a new mining claim
  • manage your mining claims
  • buy or renew your prospector’s license

Anyone can use the MLAS Map Viewer to view active, unpatented mining claims in Ontario. However, if you want to register a new mining claim or manage a mining claim, you must register for an MLAS user account and hold a valid prospector’s license.

Accessing MLAS

Registered users enter MLAS to conduct their business. To access MLAS you must first hold a valid prospector’s license and create an account with Ontario’s ONe-key unique electronic credential system. You may also download our MLAS user guide.

Non-registered users can use the MLAS Map Viewer to view active unpatented mining claims. Registration is not required.

Register for MLAS

There are three steps to follow to register for MLAS:

  1. Create an Ontario ONe-key ID
    ONe-key is a secure account that gives you online access to Ontario government programs and services. Once you have a ONe-key ID, you can create your MLAS user account.
  2. Create an MLAS user account
    Log into ONe-key and choose Mining Lands Administration System (MLAS) from the list of services to begin setting up your MLAS user account. Follow this step-by-step guide to create your MLAS user account.
  3. Have a valid prospector’s licence
    If you do not already have a prospector’s licence you can apply for one in MLAS once you have your MLAS user account. How to sign up or renew your prospector’s licence.

Step-by-step guides to help you use MLAS:

  1. What to do if you forget you ONe-key username and password

Guides and resources

Minister’s directives

Information about how to use MLAS:

  1. Getting started with MLAS
  2. Obtaining a prospector’s licence
  3. Registering a mining claim
  4. Claim management
  5. Assessment work reporting
  6. Early exploration activities
  7. Disposition Management

How-to videos and guides

Step-by-step videos to help you use MLAS:

  1. Register as an existing legacy client
  2. Register as a new client
  3. Apply for a prospector’s licence in MLAS
  4. View or print a prospector’s licence
  5. Register a mining claim
  6. Initiate the transfer of a mining claim
  7. Complete the transfer of a mining claim
  8. Confirm Surface Rights Owner (SRO) notification of claim registration
  9. Distribute approved credits
  10. Manage agents
  11. Submit a notice of claim abandonment

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are all PDF

MLAS update bulletins

MLAS update bulletins are all PDF

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Download data

Mining Lands polygon data can be analyzed and combined with other data through the use of desktop geographic information system (GIS) software. Data is available in ESRI® ArcView® shape file format.

The data have been split into two files:
Operational data (claims and alienations, mining land tenure and non-mining land tenure) gets updated regularly and;
Administrative data (cell grid, lots and concessions, administrative boundaries, mining divisions, exploration regions, legacy claims and the provincial boundary).

The data can be downloaded from the OGSEarth Mining Claims website.

Paper maps

Mining claim maps can be purchased in paper format from the Publication Services Sales Coordinator. Maps are available at two standard scales: 1:20000  and 1:40000. Pricing varies depending on desired size and colour quality.

Historical mining claim maps

Before claim maps were available online, mining claims had to be drawn, by hand, on a map made of paper, linen or Mylar. These mining claim maps are now known as historical mining claim maps. All historical mining claim maps have been digitized and are now available in electronic PDF from the Historical Mining Claim Map website.

Land notices, withdrawals and reopenings

The Minister may, by order, withdraw an area from prospecting, staking (mining claim registration as of April 10), sale and lease, or may lift an existing withdrawal to re-open the area for those activities. These are referred to as withdrawal and reopening orders respectively.

To view a listing of withdrawals and reopenings visit the Land notices, withdrawal and reopenings website.

June 1 open list

Each year the Ministry publishes a list of lands and/or mining rights open for registration as of June 1. This list is published in one issue of the Ontario Gazette. Please note that some of these lands may be subject withdrawal under the Mining Act and you are encouraged to reference mining claim maps and/or contact the Provincial Recording Office if you have any questions. Also published in the Ontario Gazette is a second list of lands that are in arrears for taxes. If the total amount of taxes, penalties and costs are not paid by December 31 of the current year, the lands may be forfeited to the Crown. Note that some of the lands on the list may have mine hazards within their boundaries. Please conduct your mineral exploration activities accordingly.

Additional Information

If you need help with MLAS, please call Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST at 1-888-415-9845 (choose option 1 for the Provincial Recording Office) or email at pro.ndm@ontario.ca