Ministry of Finance

Economic, Fiscal, and Financial Policy Program - VOTE 1203

This program develops and implements sound economic, tax and inter-governmental taxation and fiscal strategies to stimulate economic growth and job creation; forecasts, monitors and reports on the performance of the Ontario economy; provides expertise and advice on sound economic design of and financial and implementation support for government initiatives; develops demographic forecasts for Ontario and its 49 census divisions; develops the policy and legislative framework for Ontario’s taxation and benefits systems and the financial services industry; develops and implements a fiscal and financial management framework for the public sector in Ontario; assists the Minister of Finance and the government in formulating Ontario’s finance policy and strategies with respect to federal-provincial fiscal arrangements; develops, monitors and reports on the fiscal plan strategies and results for the province; and provides policy advice to clients, managers, and decision makers in the areas of fiscal and financial management. The program provides oversight and advice on provincial-municipal issues within the context of the Province’s fiscal plan, working closely with other ministries and municipal stakeholders. The program also advises on tax policies affecting Ontarians, including personal income tax, and corporate tax, assessment and property tax policy, grants to municipalities, and education property tax rates, as well as providing oversight of the property assessment system and administration of the province’s main transfer payment to municipalities. In addition, the program reflects the transfer of dedicated electricity earnings from the province to the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation.

This program assists the Minister, Deputy Minister of Finance and the government in formulating the fiscal plan and reporting the results of the Province through the Ontario Budget, Ontario Quarterly Finances, Ontario Economic Accounts, Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review, and the Public Accounts. The program also undertakes annual population projections for use in resource allocation and planning, and prepares the Long-term Report on the Economy and, in conjunction with Treasury Board Secretariat, the Pre-Election Report on Ontario’s Finances.

Vote Summary ($)

Supplementary Estimates 2015-16

Estimates 2015-16

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Actual 2013-14

24Strategic Assets – Loans and Investments87,000,000---
 Total Operating Assets87,000,000---
Standard Account by Item and Sub-Items ($)
1203-24Strategic Assets – Loans and Investments   
 Loans and Investments  87,000,000
 Total Operating Assets to be Voted  87,000,000
 Total Operating Assets for Economic, Fiscal, and Financial Policy Program  87,000,000
 Total Operating Assets for Ministry of Finance  87,000,000


Supplementary Estimates, 2015-16

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