Municipal restructuring is a process municipalities can use to change their geographical boundaries. The most common forms of municipal restructuring are:

  • annexations
  • amalgamations

Annexations move jurisdiction for land from one municipality to another. In northern Ontario, annexation also refers to municipal boundary changes where territory without municipal organization comes under the jurisdiction of a neighbouring municipality.

Amalgamations merge neighbouring municipalities into a new municipality.

Municipal restructuring can also include:

  • establishing a municipality
  • dissolving a municipality
  • changing a municipality’s association with an upper-tier municipality, for example, when a lower-tier becomes a single-tier municipality

Municipalities may restructure to:

  • accommodate future growth
  • combine resources and build capacity
  • realign a boundary that passes through or is adjacent to a road or building

The restructuring process

The municipal restructuring process is outlined in the Municipal Act, 2001 (sections 171 to 173) and provides for how to develop and submit a restructuring proposal to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.   

Municipal restructuring proposals are developed locally and implemented by Minister’s order, at the Minister’s discretion.

Some municipalities, including regional municipalities and cities like Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa, have been created or restructured through special legislation. These municipalities may only use the Municipal Act, 2001 process for minor boundary adjustments.

Activity summary

Municipal annexations and amalgamations that have occurred since 1996 are reported in the municipal restructuring activity summary table. It is updated whenever municipalities restructure and includes the:


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