The Natural Resources Information Portal (NRIP) is a new online service where people and businesses can access natural resource management activities.

The NRIP is fast, secure, and easy to use. You can access the portal on any device at any time to:

  • find resources for forestry, aggregates, petroleum, and lands and waters
  • provide information about natural resource management activity to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF)
  • submit applications for licences and permits, applications and reports
  • check the status of your application
  • see your transaction history
  • view and manage your account

NRIP currently supports the submission of natural resource management activities information for:

  • forestry
  • aggregates
  • petroleum
  • land management
  • fish and wildlife

The portal will continue to grow and include.

Forest management

In the forest management section of NRIP, you can:

  • view forest management plans
  • submit forest management plans, reports or applications, including a personal use forest resource license for fuelwood
  • learn about the management of Crown forests
  • use a map to view approved forest management planning activities in your area
  • view consultation notices
  • provide comments about forest management planning activities
  • view annual work schedules


Learn more about aggregates in Ontario, such as sand, gravel, clay, and bedrock. You can use the NRIP to:

  • apply to operate a pit/quarry and complete program submissions
  • access and submit Compliance Assessment Reports
  • submit applications and amendments
  • monitor the status of your submissions


You can browse the NRIP to learn more about petroleum resources. You can also:

  • apply to explore for or extract oil and natural gas (petroleum) and salt resources
  • apply for approvals to use underground storage and complete petroleum related submissions
  • access and submit annual status reports, licence applications, transfers and other online forms
  • monitor the status of your submissions

Land management

Learn more about the management of Crown land in Ontario. You can:

  • apply for work permits to undertake certain activities on public or shore lands
  • complete other lands and waters related program submissions
  • access and submit applications for work permits or applications for Crown land online
  • monitor the status of your submissions

Fish and wildlife

Learn more about wildlife management in Ontario. You can:

  • apply for baitfish licences 
  • complete other fish and wildlife related program submissions
  • monitor the status of your submissions

Create an account

Anyone can use NRIP to browse resources, submit information online and access applications, forms and reports.

You can also create an account which lets you:

  • view sent through the NRIP
  • check the status of a submission to see whether it is submitted, under MNRF review, awaiting client response, approved, or denied
  • create and manage draft submissions
  • update your contact information

Forestry industry and aggregate operators can also request access to enhanced services by providing your licence/permit information in your NRIP account settings.

You do not need to create an account if you only want to:

  • access applications, forms and reports
  • submit information online


Email us at NRIP@ontario.ca to:

  • get help navigating the portal and creating an account
  • get help with submitting an application
  • report a problem
  • provide your feedback and suggestions