The Natural Resources on-line registry is available to submit registrations Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the exception of planned outages or system maintenance. To get more information about a specific activity and its related rules, see the full list of activities.

This page refers to requirements under various legislation and regulations. In the event that this page conflicts with an act or its regulations, the legislation will take precedence.

Navigating the online registration process

Registration is one of the steps that you will require for these activities. Please see additional rules to follow for your specific activity.

Once you have a ONe-key account, you can create a client profile and begin to register an activity using the system.

The client management sidebar

The client management sidebar is the main navigational tool for the Natural Resources Registry. For individuals it is divided into 3 main sections:

  • My profile: your online client profile (contact information, address, business details)
  • My services: the record of your online registrations and activities
  • My sites: the location of your online registrations and activities (if applicable)

For businesses, the client management sidebar has an additional section:

  • My Authorized Representatives: a listing of authorized representatives and their privileges (if applicable)

Navigating the registration process

Most screens provide the following options:

  • go to the next screen
  • return to a previous screen
  • cancel to end the session
  • save your work as a draft
  • a help button for resources to help you register

Timing out

For security, online sessions time out after a period of inactivity. If your session times out:

  • your work is not saved
  • sign in again with ONe-key

To avoid timing out:

  • gather everything you need before you start
  • save a draft when you need to linger on a screen

Glossary of terms

General terms

  • Site: the location or locations for an activity, stored in the my sites section of the Client management sidebar
  • Service: a registry or activity, stored in the My Services section of the Client management sidebar
  • Client profile: contact information and business details for a business or individual, stored in the My Profile section of the Client management sidebar

Contact terms

  • Accountable person: the person legally representing the business
  • Main contact person: the organization’s liaison for the registration
  • Primary phone number: your phone number during office hours
  • Attestation: your declaration that you provided accurate information, that you are aware of the applicable regulations, and will follow the rules in the regulation

Business information terms

  • Legal business name: the name your business uses to remit taxes (if incorporated, the name on your Articles of Incorporation)
  • Operating name: the name your company is known by, if not the legal name
  • Ownership type: such as partnership, trust, corporation
  • Business Number: a 9-digit business number assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the GST/HST, payroll, corporate income tax (also known as a BN9 or CRA Number)
  • North America Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes: These 6-digit industry codes identify North American businesses by business type and country. The longer the number, the more detailed the description. For example:
    • 21 Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
    • 212 Mining and quarrying (except oil and gas)
    • 2123 Non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying
    • 21232 Sand, gravel, clay, and ceramic and refractory minerals mining and quarrying
    • 212323 Sand and gravel mining and quarrying (Canada)
  • Business type: the text description that accompanies a NAICS code, used by small businesses without a CRA to identify their type of business, such as Sand and gravel mining and quarrying (Canada)
  • Business location: the closest Ontario municipality to where your business operates
  • Authorized Representative/Rep: a person allowing other people to view, edit, and submit new registrations and/or sites on behalf of a client
  • Personal Identification Number PIN): the number used by a business and an Authorized Representatives to associate accounts

Address/site terms

  • Physical address: the actual location of a client’s home, business or activity; may be the same or different than a client’s mailing address
  • Mailing address: where your mail is delivered (such as civic address, P.O. Box, General Delivery)
  • Delivery designator: how mail is delivered (such as P.O. Box, General Delivery)
  • Delivery identifier: the specific delivery unit for your mail (such as P.O. Box 3)
  • (Physical) civic address: an urban address that uses street names, unit numbers and municipality or town (often referred to as the 911 address)
  • Unit identifier: such as unit, apartment
  • Street type: such as Street, Avenue, Boulevard
  • Street direction: such as Queen Street East, Brock Street South
  • (Physical) surveyed address: a rural address that uses lot, concession, and geographical township, with space for a part lot description and other location information, if needed
  • Geographic township: the name of the original township, which may not match the current municipal name
  • Part lot description: used if a lot is severed (such as North Half, Pt 2 of Lot XXX)
  • Non-standard address: primarily for unorganized areas, it identifies a location using its geographic coordinates and a short description
  • Unsurveyed address: primarily for unorganized areas, it identifies a location using its geographic coordinates and a short description, also known as a non-standard address
  • Location description: a short description of a location when no civic or survey information exists (such as Mile marker 87 on CPR main track west of Thunder Bay)
  • Legal description: words used in a legal document to describe, locate and identify a specific piece of land (such as Part Lot 5, Concession A, Smith Township)
  • Additional location information: additional details to pinpoint an exact location, or location details required for specific registrations
  • Unorganized township: townships that have been surveyed but never became municipalities
  • Unincorporated area: areas that have never been surveyed or formed municipalities (such as Algoma District)
  • Geographic coordinates (geo-coordinates): an exact geographic location, identified using Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), or Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) coordinates, latitude, longitude and elevation, etc.
  • Canadian Address Lookup: a tool that uses a postal code to find an address

Account terms

  • Natural Resources business client profile: a ministry account opened by a business, non-profit organization, municipality, government agency or ministry to register the organization’s Natural Resources activities online
  • Natural Resources individual client profile: a ministry account opened by an individual to register his or her non-business Natural Resources activities online
  • Natural Resources authorized representative profile: a ministry account opened by a business, non-profit organization, municipality, government agency or ministry that will act on behalf of an existing Natural Resources business client to register the organization’s Natural Resources activities online
  • ONe-key ID: a secure account that gives you online access to Ontario government programs and services

How to register an activity

The My Services tab on the client management sidebar stores the records of your registrations. It offers 3 options:

  • create a new registration
  • open a draft (an incomplete registration)
  • review or update an existing registration

Create a new registration or activity

Once you have a client profile, you may add your first registration or activity. Begin by choosing My Services on the client management sidebar.

Select an activity to register:

  • choose Create New Registration
  • select the registry
  • pick an activity (if applicable)

Check your eligibility:

  • review the activity details and open the activity page to consult rules
  • agree to the registry’s Notice of Collection
  • answer a short eligibility questionnaire
  • if you are not eligible, in many cases you cannot proceed with online registration; cancel to exit

Describe your activity:

  • add the details and dates for your activity (if applicable)
  • select an existing site or create a new site (if applicable)
  • attest (swear) that you provided accurate information and will follow the rules of the registry
  • review and edit your registration summary
  • submit your registration

Notification of registration

Once you submit your registration, you receive:

  • a confirmation number
  • an email with attached Confirmation of Registration

You are responsible for checking into other laws and bylaws governing your activity. Get any permissions, approvals and authorizations before you begin.

Before you start your activity:

Read your Confirmation of Registration carefully. You need to keep it for the duration of your activity as proof that you registered. You may also need to:

  • keep it on file at the address in your client profile
  • keep it on site during the activity
  • give a copy to agents and employees carrying out the activity

Create a new site (My sites)

A Site identifies the location or locations of the activities you register online. Some activities and registries, like the Notice of Possession, don't need a site. Others ask for one or more locations. Begin by choosing my sites in the client management sidebar.

Set a site name

  • name your new site (such as Cottage, Building Site, Queen St. Bridge)
  • Site names can be changed in my sites
  • you may not be able to reuse sites with active registrations

Add NAICS codes or business type (business clients only)

You may choose up to 3 NAICS codes. Pick codes that align as closely as possible with the business activity you will carry out at that Site. To find NAICS codes:

  • use the drop-down lists to search for suitable NAICS codes
  • select a code and add it to your site
  • go on, or search again and add up to two more NAICS codes

Small businesses without a Business Number or CRA number need to enter their business type:

  • your business type is the description for your 6-digit NAICS code
  • if you don't know your NAICS code, search for NAICS 2012 on the Statistics Canada website
  • use the search tools to look up your 6-digit NAICS code and the description that corresponds to your business
  • type the description into the business type field on your profile

Statistics Canada – NAICS 2012

Identify your site contacts (business clients only)

All contact information must be added through My Profile.

The site contact function can:

  • add a new site contact from your existing contacts
  • remove an existing site contact
  • set one of your contacts as primary

To add a new site contact to your available client contacts:

  • choose edit contacts, and add a new contact
  • fill in the required contact information (name, phone, etc.)
  • if you do this while inputting a new registration, save your registration as a draft first

Each Site needs one or more site contacts:

  • site contacts may or may not be an organization’s main contact
  • you need to identify one Site contact as the primary contact
  • if there is only one Site contact, that person is automatically the primary contact
  • individual clients are automatically set as the primary contact

To select your Site contacts for a registration:

  • choose one or more names from the Available Client Contacts section
  • add them using the Add Client Contact function

Add site address(es)

Some activities and registries, like the Notice of Possession, don't need a site. Others ask for one or more locations, depending on the registry or activity.

If you create multiple locations, identify one as the activity’s primary address.

Each site displays a list of its associated addresses:

  • select or change the primary address by selecting Set as Primary
  • remove an address by selecting Remove Address

Identify addresses using one of the following methods. Use the method that is most accurate for your activity. Google Maps can help you find the geo-coordinates of a non-standard address:

  • civic address
  • surveyed address
  • non-standard (unsurveyed) address

Preview and create your site

Review the addresses you entered. You can go back to make corrections and additions, if necessary. When everything is complete and correct, create your Site.

My contacts

My Contacts, in the client management sidebar, is a bank of names that you can add to, remove and change. All contacts should have the authority to answer questions and discuss the administrative details of the activity with representatives of the responsible ministry.

Choose the right contacts (business profiles)

The accountable person is responsible for the organization:

  • only one accountable person can be listed per client profile
  • owner or partner, or a director, president or chief executive officer

The primary contact should understand the activity’s on-site and day-to-day requirements:

  • often the accountable person for the company (CEO, owner, etc.)
  • your organization’s liaison for the activity
  • can be the person handling the activity
  • may be a designated agent

You may want to add additional contacts:

  • an office contact
  • on-site contact like a property owner or site manager
  • a contractor or chief contractor carrying out the activity
  • the person assigned to control the registration
  • any Authorized Representatives you have designated

If you use a third party to carry out an activity, you are still responsible for satisfying the conditions of the regulation. Look for someone with:

  • the skill and expertise to perform the activity
  • knowledge and techniques to minimize its environmental impact

Authorized representatives

The 'Authorized Representatives' tab appears on the 'client management' sidebar for business accounts only. Business clients can add, remove and manage authorized representatives they would like to act on their behalf. Authorized Representatives may be added by a business and will need permission before accessing the business client’s account. Once permission has been given, the authorized representative will be able to make the following actions on behalf of the business client:

  • create new, update current and view all registrations within a business client’s account make payment on new or current registrations
  • create new, update current and view all sites within a business client's account.

Five steps to create a relationship between a business client and an Authorized Representative:

  1. The Authorized Representative creates a new or accesses their current Authorized Representative account
  2. The business client creates a new or accesses the current account
  3. The business client searches for an Authorized Representative using the 'Add Authorized Rep' button on the 'My Authorized Representatives' tab. To search for the Authorized Representative enter their first name, last name and email address.
  4. The business client generates a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and provides the PIN to the Authorized Representative
  5. The Authorized Representative redeems the PIN on their 'My Profile' page to create a link with the business client.

Once the connection has been made between the two accounts, the business client can begin to give permission to an Authorized Representative by picking the 'My Authorized Representatives' tab and clicking the 'Manage Authorized Rep' button.

Create an authorized representative account

The first step in using the Authorized Representative feature requires the representative to create their own account. This can be done by creating a 'One-Key Account' and selecting the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry Registry for Businesses. The first screen will ask the user if they are applying as a business or as an Authorized Representative.

Once an Authorized Representative account has been created the Authorized Representative will need to notify the business client.

Add an authorized representative to your business account

Once an Authorized Representative has created an account, the business can search for an Authorized Representative by selecting the 'My Authorized Representatives' tab and selecting the 'Add Authorized Rep' button.

To locate an Authorized Representative, the business will need the following information from the Authorized Representative as it was entered in their account

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address

Once the Authorized Representative account has been located, the business may generate a PIN and provide that PIN to the Authorized Representative.

Using the pin to associate accounts

Once the Authorized Representative has received the PIN, they can then establish a connection between accounts by redeeming the PIN on their 'My Profile' page.

Assign permissions to an authorized representative

Once the Authorized Representative has redeemed the PIN, the Authorized Representative will be listed in the 'My Authorized Representatives' tab of the business account. The Authorized Representative must now be given permission before they are able to act on the business' behalf. From the 'My Authorized Representatives' tab, select an Authorized Representative from the drop down list, and click the 'Manage Authorized Rep' button.

From the business account, any combination of the following 3 permissions can be given to an Authorized Representative.

Option 1: Submission Authorized Representative: allows the representative to create new, update current and view all current registrations within the business client’s account

Option 2: Submission Financial Authority: allows the representative to make payments on registrations.

Option 3: Site Authorized Representative: allows the representative to create new, update current and view all current sites within the business client's account.

Permissions* can be altered at any time by the business client and an Authorized Representative can be removed by selecting the representative and clicking the 'Remove Authorized Rep' button.

Submit a registration as a representative on behalf of an organization

An Authorized Representative can submit a registration on behalf of a business only after they have redeemed a PIN and been given permissions by the business client.

An Authorized Representative can submit a registration by selecting the 'My Services' tab from the 'client management' sidebar and selecting the business name from the client drop down.

Notice of possession

Notice of Possession registers two different activities. The information you provide determines which of the following two activities you register:

What you need to know

  • Condition of animal:
    • part: such as the pelt, the head, a DNA sample
    • all: an entire carcass
    • Prior confirmation ID: if the animal has never been registered, leave this field blank
    • Date of acquisition: when you first acquired the animal (such as found it, received it as a gift)
    • Number acquired:
      • the number of specimens in your possession (such as one white-tailed deer carcass)
      • if you only possess parts of the animal, note the number of animals the parts came from
    • Location details:
      • geographic coordinates
      • city/town/village
      • roadway, intersection or nearby landmark

This guide is intended to help you enter information into a registry. Refer to  Ontario Regulation 666/98 for information on regulation rules, species, and activity eligibility and restrictions. Read the online activity pages for background information to help you understand the regulation.

Notice forms to register activities that are regulated under the Endangered Species Act

Notice forms for activities that are regulated under the Endangered Species Act, 2007 ask for specific information during registration. Depending on your activity you will be asked to:

  • verify that you are eligible to register
  • provide a list of impacted species at risk
  • describe the activity
  • describe your plans to minimize the adverse effects on species at risk and/or complete beneficial actions for the species
  • provide proposed start and end dates
  • identify locations

Identify eligible species

Add your activity and location details

You may be asked to describe:

  • the activity
  • the steps you will take to minimize the adverse effects on the species and/or complete beneficial actions for the species
  • specific location details

Refer to Ontario Regulation 242/08 and Ontario Regulation 830/21 for information on eligibility and conditions that must be fulfilled.

You can register online for the following activity types:

  • Aquatic species (O. Reg 242/08 s.23.4)
  • Barn swallow (O. Reg. 830/21 Part III)
  • Chimney swift (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.8)
  • Bobolink and eastern meadowlark (O. Reg. 830/21 Part IV)
  • Butternut (O. Reg. 830/21 Part V)
  • Drainage works (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.9)
  • Early exploration mining (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.10)
  • Ecosystem protection (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.11)
  • Hydro-electric generating stations (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.12)
  • Trapping – incidental catch (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.19)
  • Transition - development ongoing when species first listed, etc. (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.13)
  • Pits and quarries (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.14)
  • Possession for educational purposes, etc. (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.15)
  • Safe harbour habitat (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.16)
  • Threats to human health or safety not imminent (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.18)
  • Species protection or recovery activities (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.17)
  • Wind facilities (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.20)
  • Incubation of turtle eggs (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.17.1)
  • Species at risk surveys (O. Reg. 242/08 s.23.17.2)

More information about authorizations under the Endangered Species Act

Notice of activity for public lands and shore lands

Frequently asked questions

My contacts FAQs

Who receives the confirmation email at a business?
A business client’s confirmation email goes to the primary contact and, if applicable, your primary site contact. If an Authorized Representative submits a registration they also get an email.

Can an organization appoint an authorized representative to complete the registry on its behalf?
Yes. Authorized Representatives can be designated using the Authorized Representative instructions included in this guide.

My sites FAQs

Can I associate more than one Site with my activity?
Each registration has only one site. However, some sites can identify multiple locations.

What is a physical address?

  • the location of your home or organization
  • may be the same or different than your mailing address
  • can be a city address or a rural route

What is a mailing address?

  • where your mail is sent
  • may be the same as your physical address
  • may be a post office box or an alternate address

ONe-key and client profile FAQs

Why do I need a ONe-key ID?
Your ONe-key ID lets you communicate securely with online government services like the Natural Resources Registry. Your personal information stays safe and confidential.

Do I need to have separate ONe-key and Natural Resources client profile user names and passwords?
No, you only need to maintain a ONe-key user name and password.

I already set profile recovery responses for my ONe-key ID. Why do I need to create one for my Natural Resources client profile?
Your profile recovery response reconnects your profile if you change your ONe-key user name or password.

What is a profile recovery response?
It’s a question and a secret answer that identifies your client profile if you need to reset your ONe-key user name or password. Your secret answer is case-sensitive, which means upper and lower case letters are not interchangeable.

If I change my profile for another ministry, will it update my Natural Resources client profile as well?
No. Your profile information is not shared between ministries. You need to update each profile separately.

Can I use my business profile to register my activities as an individual? Can I use my individual profile to register my activities as a business?
No. You would need to create a new profile.

What if I need some assistance with the registration process?

If you need assistance to register your activity, please call 1-800-387-7011 or email