Nurse practitioner-led clinics provide ongoing health care, education and illness prevention to anyone in need of healthcare.

You can receive diagnosis and treatment for common injuries and illnesses, prescriptions and blood and diagnostic tests from a nurse practitioner-led clinic.

You can also find nurse practitioners working throughout the province in Family Health Teams and other types of clinics.

Find a nurse

If you need a family health care provider, visit Health811. They can help you find a nurse practitioner or family doctor in your area.


May vary by location:

  • diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries
  • referral to community-based health services
  • education and advice for chronic conditions

When to use this option

  • you are looking for a traditional doctor’s office or walk-in clinic
  • you need to schedule a checkup (including routine screening tests for cancer)
  • you need support in managing a chronic condition


You do not need a referral to use this service, however, you must be enrolled with the nurse practitioner-led clinic to make an appointment.

For more information on how to enroll, contact:

  • Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822
  • the nurse practitioner-led clinic directly


Contact a nurse practitioner-led clinic to book an appointment.


There is no fee for this service.

Please bring your health card to your appointment.

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