What we do

The Service Design Guild is a place for designers of all types to learn from each other, collaborate and share best practices.

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Guild members include Ontario public servants from across the government whose service design knowledge ranges from novice to expert. Together, we:

  • promote service design across government at all levels
  • organize service design networking events
  • share case studies, best practices and thoughts about the service design practice in the Ontario government
  • connect people to useful service design resources
  • provide support and advice on service design projects

Become a member

Becoming a guild member is free, and anyone from the Ontario Public Service can join – all you need is an interest in service design and an ontario.ca email address. Once you’ve joined you’ll start getting our updates including upcoming events, new resources and community news.

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Ways to participate

How much time and energy you’d like to contribute to the guild is up to you. Some ways members can get involved:

  • participate in or run guild events
  • give input on fellow members’ service design challenges
  • ask questions and learn how other teams are creating great user experiences
  • write case studies for the community about your own successes and failures
  • share useful service design tools or resources

Meet the executive team

The Service Design Guild executive team plans and organizes regular meetings for guild members and, with input from all members, manages the guild’s strategic plan.

Members of the Service Design Guild executive team

Current executive team members
Back row, left to right: Terry Costantino (MGCS) Kim Monastyrskyj (MGCS), Dana Patton (MGCS), Shannah Segal (MGCS), Hedia Balkhi (MTO), Lucia Hsieh (MGCS), Olivia Lam (MCCSS)
On the couch, left to right: Shahzma Haji (MCCSS), Marie Serrano (CAB), Debra Churchill (CAB), Marc Molinaro (MAG)
Not pictured: Adie Margineanu (MGCS), Robyn Hughes (MCCSS)

Guild events

The service design guild hosts monthly meetups and an annual UnConference open to Ontario Public Service employees. 

Learn more about our events and how to attend

Contact the guild

Please email the executive team to:

  • ask questions or give feedback about the guild
  • get guidance on service-design-related projects
  • get advice on starting a service design group within your division or ministry
  • find out about coaching and training opportunities