Service design in government:
Comprehensive guides and tools

Get started by reading the Ontario Digital Service’s Service Design Playbook.

Other great resources:

  • Read The Service Design Playbook (PDF) by British Columbia’s Government Communication and Public Engagement team.
  • From 18F (the US government’s digital service experts) – A collection of tools and information to help other organizations adopt human-centered design.
  • Public Design Vault – “500+ design tools for public good, all in one place.”
  • From the New York City government – Civic Service Design Tools + Tactics – designed to “provide specific, tangible tools of the trade, tailored to complement and support the expertise of the people who develop and deliver New York City government programs.”

User research

  • Our user research guide has a ton of practical information including:
    • building the case for user research
    • recruiting strategies
    • building prototypes
    • researching techniques
    • turning research into actionable insights

Evaluation tools

Getting buy-in from leadership

Some tools and ideas to help you build support from your leadership:

Training and other resources

Case studies

Read case studies from:

Reading and watching

Support in the Ontario Public Service

Lots of support is available right here in the OPS. Reach out to:

Suggest a resource

If you know of a great service design resource that you think should be added to this page, please email the Service Design Guild executive team.