A court transcript is a certified written record of a court hearing.

Transcripts are produced for a variety of reasons, including:

  • to document court proceedings for future reference
  • to provide a written record of evidence of a trial for appeal purposes
  • for publication in legal books and case law reports

How to order a court transcript

In Ontario, transcripts are prepared by independent authorized court transcriptionists.

You can order a transcript directly from an authorized court transcriptionist.

You agree with the authorized transcriptionist about all aspects of your transcript order, including:

  • timelines
  • deposits
  • payment
  • delivery

To find a court transcriptionist, go to the Authorized Court Transcriptionists for Ontario website.


  • There may be restrictions on certain transcripts. An authorized court transcriptionist will be able to tell you if there are any restrictions on your requested transcript

Cost to order a transcript

Court transcript fees are regulated under Ontario Regulation 94/14.

You will arrange payment with the authorized court transcriptionist.