The reciprocal education approach (REA) was designed to improve access to education for First Nation students by eliminating the need for First Nations and school boards to negotiate and enter into an agreement for the base tuition fee.

When requirements and eligibility criteria are met, the REA requires that school boards:

  • admit First Nation students, who ordinarily reside on-reserve, to a school of the school board
  • provide funding support for students who would ordinarily be eligible to be pupils of the board to attend a First Nation school

The REA sets out a reciprocal base fee that school boards must pay or charge First Nation entities that participate in the REA, which is dependent upon where the student attends school.

School boards and First Nation entities may enter into agreements for additional services and supports in addition to the base fee.

This approach was developed in partnership with First Nations and school boards and came into effect on September 1, 2019.

Read the REA instructions for First Nations and school boards (PDF, 793 Kb) for further details about:

  • written notice
  • First Nation entity eligibility
  • student eligibility
  • school eligibility
  • admission of a student under REA
  • payment and fees
  • negotiation of additional services and supports (for example, special education, transportation, etc.)

Written notice

For school board obligations to be initiated under the REA, First Nations and students must:

  • meet certain eligibility criteria
  • submit written notice for each student to the school of the school board the student intends to register at or is currently registered at

You can find student and school eligibility criteria in the REA instructions for First Nations and school boards. (PDF, 793 Kb)

Written notice is the mandatory information that must be provided by the First Nation entity and the parent, guardian, student or another authorized person to the school of a school board to initiate the REA process. Written notice is delivered to the school of a board where the student is already registered or intends to register for the purposes of REA.

There are example templates of written notice to help you with the written notice process. These are the templates for the:

Read the REA instructions for First Nations and school boards for further details. (PDF, 793 Kb)

Information for parents and guardians

Executive summary

Access the parent, guardian and student fact sheet for a step by step guide to the REA.

Download PDF

Eligible schools

These are the First Nation schools that are eligible to receive funding for students attending their schools through the REA.

If a First Nation school is not listed below and wishes to participate in the REA, the school is required to provide documentation that demonstrates that the school:

  • is governed by an eligible entity
  • does not charge tuition to students, parents or guardians

Schools must provide documentation by October 30th of a given school year to be eligible to receive funding under the REA for that school year and subsequent school years.

Read the REA instructions for First Nations and school boards for further details. (PDF, 793 Kb)

Name of schoolFirst Nation community, town or city
Aamjiwnaang Binoojiinyag Kino Maagewgamgoons
Day Care and JK/SK Preschool
Adult Learning CentreBeausoleil First Nation
Adults in Motion Private SchoolGarden River
Aglace Chapman Education CentreBig Trout Lake
Antler River Elementary SchoolChippewas of the Thames First Nation
Baibombeh Anishinabe SchoolPawitik
Batchewana Learning CentreSault Ste Marie
Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek SchoolBiinjitiwabik Zaaging Anishnabek First Nation
Bimose Community High SchoolKenora
Bkejwanong KinomaagewgamigWalpole Island
Chief Simeon McKay Education CentreKasabonika
Christian Island Elementary SchoolBeausoleil First Nation
Deer Lake First Nations (David Meekis)Deer Lake
Delores D. Echum CompositeMoose Factory
Dennis Franklin Cromarty High SchoolThunder Bay
Dokis Indian Day School Kikendawt Kinoomaadii GamingDokis First Nation
Eenchokay BirchstickPikangikum
Emily C. General Elementary SchoolOhsweken
Endzhi-gkinoohmaading (Elementary School)Biigtigong Nishnaawbeg
Francine J. Wesley Secondary SchoolKashechewan
Gaagagekiizhik SchoolKenora
I.L. Thomas Odadrihonyanita Elementary SchoolOhsweken
I.R. Churchill Elementary SchoolThunder Bay
J.C. Hill Elementary School Six NationsOhsweken
Jamieson Elementary SchoolOhsweken
John C Yesno Education CentreEabamet Lake
Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo High SchoolOhsweken
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolBearskin Lake First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolDeer Lake First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolFort Severn First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolFort William First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolKeewaywin First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolMattagami Lake First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolMcDowell Lake First Nation (Thunder Bay and Red Lake sites)
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolMishkegogamang First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolNibinamik First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolNorth Spirit Lake First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolPoplar Hill First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolSachigo Lake First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolWeagamow Lake First Nation
Keewaytinook Internet High SchoolWebequie First Nation
Kenjgewin Teg Educational InstituteM'Chigeeng
Kinomaugewgamik SchoolWasauksing First Nation
Lloyd S. King Elementary SchoolMississaugas of the Credit First Nation
Lydia Lois Beardy MemorialWunnumin Lake
Mamawmatawa Holistic Education CentreConstance Lake
Matawa Education & Care CentreThunder Bay
Migizi Miigwanan Secondary SchoolLonglac
Migizi Wazisin Elementary SchoolLonglac
Mikinaak Onigaming SchoolNestor Falls
Mississauga First Nation Adult EducationBlind River
Mizhakiiwetung MemorialWhite Dog
Mnjikaning Kendaaswin Elementary SchoolChippewas of Rama
Morris Thomas Memorial SchoolLac Seul First Nation
Mundo Peetabeck AcademyFort Albany
Nbisiing Secondary SchoolNipissing
Netamisakomik Education CentrePic Mobert First Nation
Obishikokaang Elementary SchoolLac Seul First Nation
Ohahase Education CentreTyendinaga Mohawk Territory
Oliver M. Smith Kawenni:io Elementary SchoolOhsweken
Pelican Falls First Nations High SchoolSioux Lookout
Pic River High SchoolBiigtigong Nishnaabeg
Quinte Mohawk SchoolTyendinaga Mohawk Territory (Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte)
Sakatcheway AnishinabeGrassy Narrows
Seven Generations Secondary SchoolFort Frances
Seventh Fire Secondary SchoolThunder Bay
Shawanosowe SchoolWhite Fish River
Simon Jacob Memorial Education CentreWebequie
Six Nations Polytechnic STEAM AcademyBrantford
St. Joseph's Anishinabek SchoolSheshegwaning First Nation
Thomas Fiddler Memorial Private High SchoolSandy Lake
Vezina Secondary SchoolAttawapiskat
Waabgon Gamig First Nation SchoolGeorgina Island
Wahsa Distance Education CentreSioux Lookout
Waninitawingaang Memorial SchoolLac Seul First Nation
Wikwemikong High SchoolWikwemikong
Zhingwaako Za'iganing SchoolLac La Croix

Existing agreements

Existing agreements can remain in effect until the agreement expires or the agreement is terminated. Existing agreements are Education Services Agreements (ESAs) or Reverse Education Services Agreements (RESAs) that were entered into before September 1, 2019 and have not expired or been terminated.

All existing reverse education services agreements (RESAs) are subject to the condition that the base fee that is paid to the First Nation entity must be at least the fee calculated in accordance with the reciprocal base fee formula set out in regulation.

Any existing education services agreements (ESAs) will be subject to the condition that the fee in the annual fees regulation applies (for example, the fee set out in Table 1 and 2 of O. Reg. 617/21 (calculation of fees for pupils for the 2021-22 school board fiscal year)).