The province is sharing the recommended design concepts for the future public spaces and parkland at Ontario Place. The recommended designs show how the site will be improved and enhanced, including:

  • new trails and parkland for people to walk, run and bike
  • picnic areas
  • lookout points
  • event spaces
  • beaches and swimming areas with better access to the waterfront

The recommended designs include five distinct areas across the site that visitors will be able to enjoy free of charge, 365 days a year, such as:

  • the Water’s Edge
  • Brigantine Cove
  • the Forum
  • the Marina
  • the Mainland

These designs have been recommended through the Environmental Assessment process but are not finalized. A final design for the public spaces and parkland will be completed next year.

An aerial view of the recommended design of the Ontario Place site, including the public space and development partners

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The map shows an aerial view of the recommended design of the Ontario Place site, including the public space and development partners.

Water’s edge

The Water’s Edge will provide increased public access to the waterfront with the extension of the William G. Davis trail across the entire site. Access to the water is proposed to be improved with new features, including natural stone terraces, piers and lookout points.

Conceptual illustration of a shore with people sitting on steps with trees in the background

A restored shoreline will make the water’s edge safer and more sustainable, offering the best views of Lake Ontario where people can have a picnic, relax with a book, and take in beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Conceptual illustration of people walking around the shore on walk path

The William G. Davis waterfront trail will be upgraded and extended across the entire site, creating full and improved public access to the shoreline.

Brigantine Cove

Brigantine Cove will feature a canoe/kayak launch, children’s play village, floating wetlands, a small beach and a new pathway.

Conceptual illustration of a cove with a people walking on a path surrounded by trees

Restored and naturalized shoreline along the south edge of Brigantine Cove, including a new public boardwalk and floating wetlands that will create peaceful and welcoming green space for people to enjoy year-round.


The Forum will allow for cultural and community events, such as concerts, markets, art festivals and celebrations. The area will also include an innovative and interactive one-acre all-season play fountain that visitors can splash around and cool off in during the summer.

Conceptual illustration of water fountains shooting out from the ground with a people walking around them

A play destination with interactive fountains and splash pads that will be surrounded by trees and natural seating. It will also serve as a year-round community and cultural event space.


The marina will be rejuvenated as a destination for waterside cafes, boating amenities and cultural programming. We will engage with the market on opportunities to redevelop the marina into a centerpiece of the Ontario Place redevelopment, including new retail, dining, cafes, and family-friendly activities. The marina will be modernized, making it a place for visitors and boaters to enjoy the water and create memories for generations to come.

Conceptual illustration of the marina with people using the retail and dining facilities

The revitalized marina will once again be a destination for gathering, celebration and family fun.

Conceptual illustration of the marina with retail and dining facilities

New opportunities for cafes, restaurants and cultural activity at the marina, including waterside dining all year-round.


The mainland will make room for everyone to enjoy a new Ontario Place Plaza that will welcome all visitors to the site, along with a new public, year-round promenade across the entire mainland waterfront. This will serve as a unique event and festival space that will be home to pavilions and an urban beach.

Conceptual illustration of Ontario Place plaza and promenade with people walking

Upgraded transit and people movers to and through the site will connect Ontario Place to the Ontario Line subway terminus at Exhibition Place.

Development partners

Therme Canada

Conceptual illustration of public spaces, parkland and waterfront

View overlooking the new West Island entry pavilion with increased public park space.

Conceptual illustration of public spaces with walking paths, a shore and beach

A festival gathering space, beach, and public pier have been included as new additions to the upgraded West Island public park.

Conceptual illustration of a trail and waterfront

Places for play, activity and relaxation across the site will be connected by the expanded William G. Davis trail, including improved access to the waterfront, a multi-use trail, lookouts to enjoy sunsets and sunrises, and a public play area.

Live Nation

Conceptual illustration of Live Nation venue as an aerial view

A new all-season entertainment facility from Live Nation that will welcome thousands of more fans onsite building on the world-class talent that Live Nation has brought to Ontario Place for close to 30 years.