Ontario is considering the possibility of a provincial privacy and data protection law that would:

  • offer individuals more control over their personal information and how it is collected, used, transferred and safeguarded by private sector organizations
  • protect vulnerable populations such as our children and youth
  • build trust in the digital economy

We are proposing seven key areas of possible reform and encourage all Ontario citizens, businesses and organizations to review and provide feedback.

Review and provide your input on the proposals we are considering to protect the privacy and personal information of the people of Ontario.

Key areas of possible reform

Our proposals focus on key areas including:

  • introducing a rights-based approach to privacy
  • safe use of automated decision-making
  • enhance consent and lawful uses of personal data
  • data-transparency for all Ontarians
  • protecting children and youth
  • a fair, proportionate and supportive regulatory regime
  • supporting Ontario innovators

These proposals reflect what we’ve heard from hundreds of organizations and the public during discussions over the past year. The proposals would also expand scope to include non-commercial organizations such as:

  • charities
  • not-for-profit organizations
  • trade unions
  • non-commercial activities

Introducing a rights-based approach to privacy

Giving individuals more control over their personal information, including the right to ask for their personal data in a digital format. Collected personal information by organizations can be asked to be deleted.

Safe use of automated decision-making

Addressing artificial intelligence, automated decision-making and de-identified information to prevent unjustified surveillance.

Enhancing consent and other lawful uses of personal information

Strengthening the existing ways we provide consent for our personal data and making it a more useful tool. We are also proposing to create modern rules to address the safe collection and use of personal data that reflect current digital practices.

Data-transparency for all Ontarians

Introducing new transparency rules so Ontarians are aware of how their data is used, collected and disclosed and can exercise their right to privacy.

Protecting children and youth

Protecting vulnerable groups such as children and youth who face significantly higher risks associated with the use of modern data practices.

A fair, proportionate and supportive regulatory regime

Providing increased oversight and enforcement powers to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario while ensuring organizations are supported.

Supporting Ontario innovators

Working with Ontario businesses to strengthen privacy protections, while also creating a strong, healthy economy built on strong consumer confidence.

Provide your feedback

You can learn more and provide your feedback about the steps we are considering to better protect your personal information and data by visiting Ontario’s Regulatory Registry.