Changes to the Toxics Reduction Program

We’ve made changes to the Toxics Reduction Program to eliminate duplication with the federal government’s Chemicals Management Plan (under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999) and reduce burden for industry.

On December 31, 2021, the Toxics Reduction Act, 2009 will be repealed and its associated regulations revoked, ending the Toxics Reduction Program. Until this time, facilities must continue to meet the requirements of the Toxics Reduction Act, 2009 and its associated regulations.

As a result of regulatory changes, facilities no longer need to prepare new Toxic Substance Reduction Plans or review their existing plans. Facilities with existing plans are still required to report annually on substances included in their plan that meet the thresholds.

Facilities with existing plans may still choose to voluntarily amend their plans at any time. Amended plans must be certified by the highest ranking employee at the facility and by a licensed Toxic Substance Reduction Planner.

Planners are trained and licensed by the ministry to assist in meeting the needs of the Toxics Reduction Program. Training to become a new licensed planner is not currently being offered.

See here for a listing of licensed Toxic Substance Reduction Planners in Ontario.

About the job

Planners are professionals who help businesses avoid and reduce the use and creation of toxic substances during operations.

Licensed planners:

  1. recommend improvements to a facility’s toxic substance(s) reduction plan(s)
  2. certify the plan(s) of any regulated facility in Ontario
    • Planners will still be required to certify plans for regulated facilities that voluntarily choose to amend their current plans.

You need to apply and qualify for a planner licence. This includes meeting the requirements outlined in O. Reg. 455/09, paying a fee, taking a government-approved training course, and passing the exam.

Please note that training to become a new licensed planner is not currently being offered by the Ministry.

Planner licences are valid only in Ontario. Licences expire after five years.


For more information on Toxic Substance Reduction Planner licensing or licence renewals, please email us.