Trillium List overview

The Trillium List is a list of all textbooks that the Minister of Education has approved for teachers to use for students in kindergarten to Grade 12.

Textbooks on the Trillium List go through rigorous evaluation by a team of Ontario-based education experts. Each textbook aligns with the Ministry of Education’s criteria, such as the current curriculum.

Eligibility requirements, criteria and evaluation process are explained in the Guidelines for Approval of Textbooks, Section 4.

School boards and school authorities are responsible for selecting textbooks for use in schools. They use the Trillium List to identify which textbooks are formally approved, with the assurance that every title on the list meets the ministry’s high standards.

Search for approved textbooks

The list can be downloaded as a CSV data file, which you can open using a spreadsheet application.

Download the CSV

Information for publishers

As a publisher and other resource developer who plans to submit resources for Trillium List approval, you should:

Guidelines for Approval of Textbooks

The Guidelines for Approval of Textbooks describe what is required for a textbook to be approved for the Trillium List. The guidelines include the eligibility requirements, criteria and evaluation process that we use.

Submit a textbook

Download the Submission Procedures for Textbooks for the Trillium List to find the steps you must use to submit materials for evaluation and approval.

Textbooks where the purchase period has expired

When a textbook becomes outdated, we put the textbook on the Purchase Period Expired list. This means that the period has expired for schools to purchase new classroom sets of these textbooks. Existing copies may be used for two school years before we remove them from the list of approved textbooks.