This guide is intended to provide the regulated community, for example, generators, haulers, and receivers of NASM, with direction in determining the odour category so that the correct regulatory requirements can be identified related to the NASM that they are land applying. This guide will also be considered by Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) staff as part of the review process for nutrient management plans involving NASM, NASM plans and other enforcement/implementation activities.

Disclaimer: This guide is not intended to replace or supersede any provisions set out in the General - Waste Management Regulation 347 and the General Nutrient Management Regulation O. Reg. 267/03.

Application of NASM on agricultural land must meet the requirements and standards set out in Acts, regulations, nutrient management plans, NASM plans and in environmental compliance approvals if applicable.