Minister’s message

As we launch formal consultations and engagement for the next Long-Term Energy Plan, the most pressing question is this: are we well-positioned for the future?

If the recent Ontario Planning Outlook and Fuels Technical Report are any indication, the answer is yes. We have invested in our fuel and electricity infrastructure. We have a robust supply of all forms of energy for at least the next 10 years. We have wisely acted on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while many other jurisdictions are only beginning to tackle this challenge. We have a clean and diverse electricity supply mix. And through our government’s Climate Change Action Plan, we have vision and direction on future clean prosperity.

The pace of change in the energy sector is high. Fuel switching, electric vehicles, the emerging potential of the Smart Grid, behind-the-meter generation, conservation and demand management, renewable fuels and international efforts to fight climate change are all factors in this change. To be successful, we will need both a strong energy foundation to support our communities and businesses, and the agility to adapt to future sector evolutions.

Our consultations and discussions will address many important issues:

  • How can we better represent the interests of our Indigenous communities?
  • How will local energy plans integrate with broader planning?
  • And how do we ensure that we better integrate fuels and electricity planning with broader community planning?

I look forward to hearing the many voices and perspectives across our province. I am reassured that as we enter into these discussions, the Ontario energy sector enjoys a position of strength and stability.

Glenn Thibeault
Minister of Energy