2.1 Effective Date

The “Effective Date” of the New Beer Agreements shall be the date designated by Notice from the Province to the other Parties, provided that such Notice is delivered by the Province to the other Parties at least five Business Days prior to such date and provided further that the Effective Date shall not be prior to October 15, 2015.

2.2 Action to be Taken on or Prior to the Effective Date

(a) Effective as of the Effective Date, the Parties shall enter into or cause to be entered into each of the following New Beer Agreements:

(i) the Shareholders Agreement;

(ii) the Termination Agreement;

(iii) the ODRP Agreement; and

(iv) the Provincial Rights Agreement.

(b) Effective on or prior to the Effective Date, the Original Owners and the Corporation shall cause the Articles of Amendment to be duly authorized and filed and to become effective.