1 - Effective date

1.1 - This addendum to Directive CW 009-20 is effective December 11, 2020.

2 - Addendum

2.1 - Directive CW 009-20 is amended by substituting 3.3 with the following:

3.3 - By January 5, 2021, Dilico will share the file documentation set out in 3.1 of this directive for all files that have been closed by Dilico since June 1, 2020, if these files would have transferred to Tikinagan pursuant to section 3.1 of Directive CW 007-20 had they remained open.

2.2 - Directive CW 009-20 is amended by substituting 3.5 with the following:

3.5 - By January 5, 2021, for all files that have been re-directed or transferred to Tikinagan since Directive CW 002-19 came in to force, Dilico will review the file documentation that was shared with Tikinagan, and ensure that all of the documentation addressed in 3.1 of this Directive is shared with Tikinagan if this did not occur by the time of transfer.

2.3 - All other provisions of CW 009-20 remain unchanged and in effect as of date of issuance.

Issuance of addendum to directive CW 009-20: December 11, 2020

Original signed by:

David Remington Assistant Deputy Minister
Child Welfare and Protection
Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services