Find terms and expressions used in the Ontario justice sector, including Ontario correctional services and legislation.

Search the justice lexicon

Use this lexicon to find terms, expressions, acts, titles and vocabulary specific to the Ontario Justice sector and Ontario Correctional Services.

Information in brackets can indicate:

  • an abbreviation or acronym, for example: community service order (CSO)
  • an optional element or term, for example: joint (police) board
  • an explanatory note, for example: boundary line (of land or on a road)
  • the country where the term is used, for example: chien (m.) antidrogue (France)

When an English term has more than one French equivalent, equivalents found in the Criminal Code are listed first with the notation “(C.C.)”. Other equivalents are listed in alphabetical order.

This lexicon was developed by the Office of the Coordinator for French Language Services at the Ministry of the Attorney General and the former Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, in collaboration with the Government Translation Service of the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery.

Search the correctional services lexicon

Use this lexicon to find terms, expressions and vocabulary related to Ontario Correctional Services.

This lexicon was developed by the Centre canadien de français juridique inc.

Search the legislative terms lexicon

Use this lexicon to find terms and vocabulary used to describe laws, regulations and legislation in Ontario.

Note: English entries can include a number of contexts, which are noted in italicized brackets. The lexicon usually lists only one French equivalent for each English entry. Synonyms found in the statutes are listed in alphabetical order.

Nouns denoting professions or occupations are listed in the masculine form, with no indication of the gender where the feminine form is formed regularly.

This bilingual lexicon of legislative terms was developed by the Office of Legislative Counsel.