For the year ended March 31 (in thousands of dollars)

Revenue2023 actual2022 actual
Fees charged on estates and trusts 938,50833,996
Grants received from the Ministry of the Attorney General 1320,60619,994
Total revenue59,11453,990
Expenses2023 actual2022 actual
Salaries, wages and benefits 1142,87242,795
General administration 1215,8394,246
Fees incurred2,0562,060
Transportation and communications expenses739717
Supplies and equipment expenses249175
Total expenses61,80450,792
Net investment income2023 actual2022 actual
Interest income (expense) from fixed income funds1,263(186)
Change in fair value on investments at fair value through profit or loss 10(131)10,459
Total net investment income1,13210,273
Investment expenses3,2673,209
Net investment (loss) income(2,135)7,064
Total net (loss) income and comprehensive (loss) income(4,825)10,262

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.