For the year ended March 31 (in thousands of dollars)

Income2023 actual2022 actual
Social benefits125,370117,095
Other income54,63146,629
Total income301,892277,339
Expenses2023 actual2022 actual
Fees charged by the Public Guardian and Trustee 9   38,50833,996
Real estate16,72818,014
Income taxes17,00415,639
Living expenses10,81110,183
Funeral expenses6,7946,468
Other expenses7,1907,337
Medical expenses7,2236,663
Total expenses322,039304,424
Net investment income2023 actual2022 actual
Interest income from fixed incomes funds43,74829,810
Change in fair value on investments at fair value through profit or loss 1013,82140,085
Total net investment income57,56969,895
Change in net assets attributable to beneficiaries before undernoted:37,42242,810
Client capital contributions during the year764,120692,969
Client capital distributions during the year(540,883)(526,429)
Funds escheated to the Crown 14(7,077)(1,106)
Change in net assets attributable to beneficiaries253,582208,244

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.