Sustainable Forest Licences

A list of the current Sustainable Forest Licences (SFLs) granted by the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.


SFLs are long-term licences granted for up to 20 years. They give the right to harvest all species of trees found in the licensed area.

SFL holders must:

  • prepare forest management plans
  • gather forest information for the Crown
  • monitor and report on compliance
  • conduct forest operations in accordance with approved plans and operational standards for the area covered by the licence

SFLs are reviewed every 5 years and may be extended for an additional 5 years if certain conditions are met.

We will strive to provide a current list of Sustainable Forest Licences on MNRF’s website and update the list quarterly, under normal circumstance.


Note: The Algonquin Park Forestry Agreement is similar to an SFL but defines terms and conditions regarding operations in the Algonquin Park Forest (MU 451). Harvest operations are done under a Forest Resource Licence issued under section 27 of the Crown Forest Sustainability Act.

More information

For more information about a specific licence area or management unit, contact us and ask to speak with the Area Forester or Area Supervisor responsible for the licence area.

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry district offices

For more information about SFLs, contact the sustainable forest licensing specialist at (705) 945-6658.

Updated: August 22, 2018