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Ontario Data Catalogue survey

Let us know your thoughts on the Ontario Data Catalogue. Your feedback will help us improve the way we organize and present open data in the future.

This survey will take about 3 to 5 minutes to complete.

Your feedback will be made into anonymous data. While we may use your feedback to improve our service, we cannot respond to you directly. Do not include any personal health, identifying, or contact information (like a name, address, email, phone number). If you do provide contact, personal health or other identifying information, it will be handled according to our privacy statement.

Did you find what you were looking for? *
How were you planning to use this data? Select all that apply. *
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We want to learn more about the communities using open data in Ontario. What statement best describes you? Select all that apply. *
Would you be interested in participating in a remote feedback session (such as an interview or usability testing) to help us improve our product? *

Research screener

Interest to participate in a remote feedback session

Thank you for your interest in a remote feedback session to help us make improvements on the Ontario Data Catalogue.

We are currently conducting these research sessions in English only. Pour le moment, nous menons ses sessions de recherche en anglais seulement.

If you are selected, scheduled and attend a session, and you are not an Ontario Public Service employee or contractor, we will thank you for your time with a gift card:

  • $30 for 30-minute sessions
  • $60 for 60-minute sessions

Your answers will only be viewed by our research team. Any personal information you provide in this survey will only be used to contact you to book a session. It will not be tied to your feedback.

Information you provide in this form is:

  • collected per principles established in the Simpler, Faster, Better Services Act, 2019, S.O. 2019, and the Ontario Digital Service Standard
  • handled in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. F. 31

This questionnaire is hosted by and only accessible to trusted members with login credentials. You may review’s privacy statement for more information.

For any further questions, you may contact

Do you work for the Ontario Public Service (as a permanent or contract employee in a ministry, secretariat or office, not including an agency)? *
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How do you access our data sets? Choose all that apply *
What is the highest level of education you have completed? *
Which terms best describe your ethnicity? Choose all that apply. *
Which term best describes your gender identity? *
How would you describe your community? Check all that apply. *
Do you use assistive devices or supports? Choose all that apply. *
For this study, we need people to join an online session. What are you comfortable using to access web-based applications like Zoom or Microsoft teams? Check all that apply. *
Our research teams are currently conducting studies in English. Are you comfortable having a discussion with the research team in English, or reviewing an English-language interface? *


We are committed to providing accessible customer service. On request, we can arrange for accessible formats and communications supports.

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