Developmental services agencies continue to support people with developmental disabilities during the COVID‑19 outbreak, but some offices or programs may be closed or impacted. Read about updates to developmental services due to COVID‑19. You can contact your service provider for more information.


A developmental disability:

  • is present at birth or develops before 18 years of age
  • affects a person's ability to learn
  • is permanent
  • can be mild or severe

People with developmental disabilities often require help with daily life as well as other assistance to be as independent and successful as possible.

If you are, or if you see or suspect an adult with a developmental disability being abused or neglected, you can contact ReportON 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If there's an immediate threat, call 911.

Toll-free: 1-800-575-2222
Tel TTY: 416-916-0549
Toll-free TTY: 1-844-309-1025

Learn more about ReportON

To learn more about developmental disabilities visit Developmental Services Ontario.

Developmental services reform

Learn how we’re working with our partners on a long-term vision for developmental services where people with developmental disabilities fully belong in our communities and are supported to live the lives they choose.

Find programs, services and support

There are services and supports for adults with a developmental disability and families so that you can live, work and participate in a wide range of activities in your community. To learn more about services and supports near you, contact your local Developmental Service Ontario office and/or the service provider.

Learn about eligibility and how to apply for developmental services


Passport program

Learn about this direct funding program which can pay for services and support so you can participate fully in your community.

Adult Protective Service Worker

Learn about the Adult Protective Service Worker program for people who live on their own.

Specialized and clinical supports

Learn about specialized clinical services for people who have higher support needs including Ontario’s Community Networks of Specialized Care.

Person-directed planning

Get help to prepare life plans that lay out your needs and goals.

Residential supports

Find organizations in your community that provide residential supports to help people with a developmental disability.

Third party services

Learn about third-party providers of services for people with a developmental disability and your families.

Legislation and regulations

Read the laws that govern services and supports for adults with a developmental disability in Ontario.

Directives and guidelines

Learn about the rules and information that ministry-funded community agencies must follow when offering services and supports.

Resources for agencies

The Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) Hub and Network brings agencies together to share information, tools and resources to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The KTT Hub and Network provides knowledge exchange, collaboration and mentoring opportunities to developmental services agencies, individuals with developmental disabilities, families and caregivers.

Visit RealXchange, a website with products, tools and services to assist organizations to improve services, spark new ideas and find opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.

Contact information

Developmental Services Ontario

For questions, comments or complaints about a service or support that you or a family member are receiving, contact your service agency.

Ministry regional office

The ministry office will work with your agency to resolve your question or concern.

Ministry’s main contact page

If your concern isn’t dealt with to your satisfaction, you can use the ministry online feedback form.