Ontario has committed to creating 30,000 new long-term care beds by 2028 and redeveloping older beds to meet modern design standards.

New and upgraded beds will:

  • help reduce waitlists
  • ease hospital capacity pressures
  • ensure every resident can experience the best possible quality of life, supported by safe, high-quality care

Who can apply

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  • an existing non-profit, for profit or municipal long-term care home operator
  • a new licensee with a partnership with an established operator eligible to operate a long-term care home in Ontario

All applicants must be eligible to be licensed or approved to operate a long-term care home under the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 and Ontario Regulation (O. Reg.) 246/22.

Before you apply

Before you complete the application form, you should review the:

You are also encouraged to:

  • review the ministry's program objectives (summarized in the introduction to the application form)
  • discuss your proposed project and your long-term care needs with local health system partners
  • seek legal and financial advice, including advice on any additional provincial or federal legislative and regulatory requirements or restrictions associated with operating a business in Ontario

How to apply

To submit an application:

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Prepare an email and attach your completed application form.
  3. In the subject line, put APPFRM - [APPLICANT NAME] - [PROJECT NAME] where:
    • [APPLICANT NAME] is the Legal Name of the Applicant
    • [PROJECT NAME] is the name of the proposed home (See section 2.1.2 in the application form for how to determine project name)
    • Example: APPFRM – ACME – ACME-Ottawa
  4. Send the email to LTCdevelopment@ontario.ca

You will be sent an electronic confirmation of receipt after you submit your application.

Application guidelines

  • Handwritten, scanned or typed hardcopy materials will not be accepted.
  • Submit only the materials requested in the application form. Supplementary materials will not be reviewed. However, you may provide letter(s) of support from local health authority, community or clinical partnerships in addition to the application.
  • Only applications submitted electronically to the email address above will be accepted.

Application period

Applications will be reviewed as they are received. For early consideration, submit your application before December 31, 2021.


Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • alignment with program objectives
  • project readiness
  • financial viability
  • ability to address local need
  • compliance history (where applicable)

Ontario encourages interested applicants to seek advice from industry experts to establish a cost estimate. You should fully explain any cost estimates in the application, which could range from a preliminary cost estimate based on comparable projects to a fully costed plan.

Each long-term care home development project that is approved for further review must undergo the Ministry of Long-Term Care’s capital and licensing approval process.

The capital approval process includes a review of an applicant's ability to develop and operate the proposed long-term care home in accordance with ministry policy and legislative requirements.

In addition to receiving funding approval and executing a funding contract, an applicant must receive ministry approval for key milestones including, but not limited to, their design plans to start construction and to occupy the space as a long-term care home.

Ministry of Long-Term Care’s capital and licensing approval process

All long-term care homes in Ontario must be licensed or approved by the Ministry of Long-Term Care to operate a long-term care bed.

The requirements for the ministry's licensing review and approval process are stipulated in Part VII and Part VIII of the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 (FLTCA) and O. Reg. 246/22. The ministry's licensing review has multiple components, including, but not limited to:

  • the Minister of Long-Term Care's determination for the need of long-term care beds in an area
  • the Minister's restrictions due to owner concentration and sector balance
  • the Director's determination on the eligibility of a licensee (including financial viability, regulatory compliance and inspections performance reviews)
  • public consultation

Upon completing all licensing review requirements under the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 (FLTCA) and O. Reg. 246/22, the Director can make a decision regarding the issuance of a licence or licence undertaking, or the Minister may make a decision to grant an approval.

Contact us

If you have questions regarding the call for applications, email the Ministry of Long-Term Care at LTCdevelopment@ontario.ca.