To hunt during a controlled deer hunt season, you must obtain a controlled deer hunt validation by applying to the draw. If you are successful in the draw, you will need to print an updated licence summary that lists your controlled deer hunt validation (area, season, type of deer). You must purchase a deer licence before your controlled deer hunt validation information will appear on your licence summary.

Before you apply

Choose where to hunt

  1. find the controlled deer draw hunt codes on page 44-45 of the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary (hunt codes can vary from year to year).
  2. review the options for:
    • wildlife management unit (WMU)
    • season dates
    • firearm
  3. choose your preferred hunt code, and a second choice (if you have one)

Choose to apply as an individual or as a group

Individual hunters can skip to the next step.

Up to 4 hunters can apply as a group. Once you submit your group application you cannot make a change to the group members.

Decide on a group leader who will carry out the following steps on behalf of the group:

  • be the first person in the group to apply (this person applies as the group leader)
  • provide the group’s preferred hunt code(s)
  • record the group number that identifies the group and its choices
  • share the group number (listed on the sales receipt) with the hunters in the group and instruct each of them to apply to the draw as a group member

Apply online

The online option to apply to the controlled deer draw will be available from 8:30 a.m. on August 1 until 11:59 p.m. on August 31, 2022.

To create an online account, you will need your:

  • Outdoors Card number
  • date of birth
  • postal code

To access your online account, you will need the following:

  • Outdoors Card number or email address
  • password

Step 1: Select "Controlled Deer Draw Entry" and choose to apply as an individual or as a group

  • If you are applying as a group, choose a group leader. They must be the first hunter in the group to apply to the draw and share the group number with the other hunters in the group.
  • If you are the group leader, select the button Create new group or enter as an individual. The group number will be listed on the receipt page and on your sales receipt, which must be shared with your group members. The receipt indicating the group number will be emailed to you after you complete the draw entry transaction.
  • If you are a group member joining an existing group, you will apply to the draw by entering the group number and selecting the button Verify group number.

screenshot of a draw entry with a pop-up window asking for your group number.

Step 2: Choose where to hunt

  • As a group leader or individual you must choose where to hunt by selecting your preferred hunt code (a second choice is optional).
  • Click Add to Cart before you check out your shopping cart.
  • Draw entry details, including the group number, your hunter number and hunt choice(s) will be listed on the receipt page and on your sales receipt.

screenshot of draw entry with a pop-up window asking for hunt choice 1 and 2.

Make sure to select Add to Cart to add the product to the Shopping Cart before selecting checkout.

Step 3: Review your shopping cart

Your shopping cart will display your WMU choice 1 and 2 for the draw entry. Confirm these choices are correct and complete the transaction by checking the I certify button and then select Complete Transaction.

If you do not click on the "Complete Transaction" button your application will not be received or processed.

screenshot of collect payment and issue products page, featuring the shopping cart and client information.

Step 4: If applying as a group leader, share the group number with your group

  • Once you have completed the purchase, your sales receipt will display your group number and confirm that you’ve entered the draw.
  • Your sales receipt and updated licence summary will automatically be emailed to the email address on file once your transaction is complete.
  • The controlled deer hunt validation will only appear on your licence summary once you have purchased a deer licence and will be available to print, beginning October 10, 2022 until the end of season.

screenshot of the sales receipt, featuring printing instructions, items purchased, and email instructions.

Apply by phone

  1. Call the automated phone line at 1-800-288-1155.
  2. Apply to the controlled deer draw.
  3. Record the authorization number you receive at the end of the call.

Apply in person

  1. Visit a participating ServiceOntario location or a licence issuer.
  2. Check your receipt before leaving the counter to verify your choices are entered correctly.

Get draw results

Draw results are available starting October 10:

Buy your deer licence and receive your controlled deer hunt validation

After draw results are available, if you were successful in the controlled deer draw your validation information will be listed on your licence summary. If you haven’t already done so, you must purchase a deer licence before your controlled deer hunt validation information will appear on your licence summary. You can buy and print your licence and tag at home, at a licence issuer or participating ServiceOntario location once tags are available for printing. Review a list of printing dates on page 5 of the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.

If you did not receive a controlled deer hunt validation in the draw, you are not permitted to hunt in the controlled deer hunt.

How to print your tags

Please ensure your printer is connected to your device and is fully operational with paper loaded before you print your licence summary and tag(s). Please set your printer to print single-sided only. You will only have one opportunity to print your tags at home.

Step 1: login to your account

screenshot of Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service’s login screen.

Step 2: My Active Licences

  • Select My Active Licences link, which is located at the top of the page.
  • The print indicators found under the Printable Tag column include:
    • Yes indicates that the tag is available for printing
    • Pending indicates that a purchased tag that is not yet available for printing
    • Printed indicates a tag that has been printed

screenshot of My Active Licences webpage featuring available documents for print.

Step 3: print your tags

  1. Select the Print Available Documents
  2. A current licence summary and available tags will display as a PDF and will open in a separate tab or window.
  3. Select Print from the opened window.