Notice of approval of amendments

Proponent: Municipal Engineers Association (MEA)
Environmental assessment file number: EA-03-03-02-02

Having considered the purpose and provisions of the Environmental Assessment Act, the Class EA, condition 3 of MEA's Environmental Assessment Act Notice of Approval, MEA's submissions, MEA's public consultation and its response to submissions, I hereby approve and amend the Class EA.


My reasons for approving and amending the MEA's Class EA are:

  1. The amendments were prepared in accordance with Condition 3 of its Environmental Assessment Act approval, dated October 3, 2000 and the amendment provisions outlined in section A.1.5.2 of its Class EA.
  2. MEA prepared an Environmental Study Report (ESR) to address the effects of incorporating a Transit Chapter into its Class EA. The ESR concluded that, on balance, the advantages of incorporating a Transit Chapter outweigh its disadvantages which appear to be valid.
  3. MEA consulted on its amendments and demonstrated that the amendments were consistent with current legislation requirements and planning practices to provide for a more effective planning process to deliver municipal infrastructure and servicing in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable manner.
  4. The Government Review Team and public review have indicated no outstanding concerns that have not been addressed. No Part II Order requests were received during the public comment period.
  5. The Class EA process has proven to be a successful and efficient process for municipalities to conduct the environmental assessment of other municipal infrastructure projects. The Class EA process is familiar to the ministry, Government Review Team municipalities and members of the public.
  6. The Class EA process would allow tor a more expeditious review of transit projects while maintaining a detailed review of environmental effects and providing a consistent provincial environmental assessment process for transit projects.
  7. Given the increasing urbanization in Ontario’s municipalities, significant concerns about reducing regional and local air pollution, public demands for increased public transit and increased municipal integration and autonomy in transit planning, in my opinion the circumstances suggest that an amendment to the Class EA is in the public interest.
  8. MEAs amendments are consistent with its Class EA, the purpose and provisions of the Environmental Assessment Act and are in the public interest.

Dated the 6th day of September 2007 at Toronto

Original signed by:
Minister of the Environment
135 St. Clair Avenue West, 12th floor
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1P5