Eligibility criteria

To apply to become a public appointee, you must be:

  • a resident of Ontario
  • proficient in either English or French
  • able to attend meetings in Ontario

Note: Public appointees cannot be employees of the Ontario Public Service.

Personal disclosure and conflict of interest

Public appointees must fulfill their duties professionally and ethically. It includes declaring any real or perceived conflict of interest, like a personal or financial interest.

You need to consider if your situation could raise a conflict of interest to the chair of an agency or organization, the responsible minister or minister’s designate.

If you have been identified as an intended appointee for a position, you will receive the Personal Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Disclosure (PDCOI) form, and Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Declaration forms to complete and submit.

  • PDCOI form requests that you disclose any real or perceived conflict of interest
  • CRC and Declaration forms are your consent to a police record check

A public appointee becomes a public servant and is subject to the conflict of interest rules set out in the Public Service of Ontario Act and its applicable regulations.

Standing Committee on Government Agencies

The Standing Committee on Government Agencies is an all-party committee of the Legislative Assembly.

The Standing Committee:

  • reviews the intended Order in Council (OIC) appointments for those being promoted or newly appointed to agencies and other entities, with terms greater than one year
  • may ask intended appointees to appear before them for an interview
  • reports back to the Legislature on whether or not it agrees with the intended appointments after the interview

If you are selected for an interview, the Public Appointment Secretariat will inform and support you in preparing for the interview.

In most cases, you will know if the committee agrees with your intended appointment by the end of the interview.

Terms and conditions

The Public Appointments Secretariat, ministries, minister’s offices and premier’s office collect and use the personal information requested in your user profile or application to evaluate your suitability as a potential candidate for an appointment to an Ontario agency, board or commission.

This information will be searchable and viewable by appointments staff in all ministries.

Additional personal information will be required if you are considered for an appointment. Personal information about you may also be collected by the organization(s) or from your references. This additional information is only used to evaluate your suitability as a candidate, as well as to verify the truth and accuracy of the information you have provided.

This information will not be disclosed except as required for the above-noted purposes or as required by law.

Any questions about the collection, use or disclosure of personal information requested on this form should be directed to the Public Appointments Secretariat at 416-327-2640, toll free at 1-855-825-3422, or by email at PASinfo.MGS@ontario.ca.