The Corporation of the Town of Cochrane


Township of Fournier, near Fournier Concession Road and Dunn Lake Road (Lots 8 and 9, Concession 3)


Waste management

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Andrew Gentile, Environmental Approvals Branch, 416-314-8221
Toll free 1-800-461-6290

Current Status

Terms of reference: submitted, January 23, 2015

Project Summary

Expansion of the existing Fournier Landfill is proposed to meet the solid waste disposal needs of the Town of Cochrane and the townships of Fournier, Driftwood, Hanna, Glackmeyer, and Lamarche for years 2016-2044.

Project History

  • Terms of reference: submitted
    • Date submitted: January 23, 2015
    • Expiry of public comment period: February 21, 2015

Terms of Reference

The proposed Terms of Reference (ToR) for the landfill expansion is submitted to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. The ToR sets out the Town of Cochrane’s work plan for preparing an enviromental assessment (EA) on the Cochrane Solid Waste Disposal Capacity Study with the identified preferred alternative being expansion of the Fournier Landfill. If approved, the ToR will serve as a framework for carrying out public consultation, preparing, and reviewing of the EA for the proposed undertaking in accordance with subsection 6(2)(c) and 6.1(3) of the EAA.

Purpose of the proposed undertaking

The purpose of the proposed undertaking is to create a long term (30-year) plan for the disposal of the town’s solid waste. The plan will be created through the Environmental Assessment (EA) process, which will be used to evaluate disposal options for the Town.

Alternatives to the undertaking

The Town of Cochrane identified a number of potential alternatives to fulfill the purpose of the proposed undertaking, including thermal treatment, mechanical and biological treatment, landfill expansion, developing a new landfill site, waste diversion, exporting waste, and doing nothing.

An assessment of the alternatives was undertaken to confirm their feasibility with respect to addressing the need/rationale established. As a result of this evaluation, landfill expansion was identified as the preferred alternative. This preferred alternative will meet the need for additional disposal capacity for the Town of Cochrane and the local townships.

Alternative methods of carrying out the undertaking

Alternative methods of landfill expansion will be assessed by comparative evaluation using technical, environmental, and socio-economic criteria, and consideration of the advantages and disadvantages for each of the alternatives. The outcome of the assessment will be the identification of a preferred alternative method.


The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change will review all written comments received during the 30-day review period. Written comments received, and the Town of Cochrane’s response to them, will be considered when the decision is made about the proposed ToR.

The ToR is available for review at the public record locations identified in the Notice of Submission.