In April 2017, the federal government introduced legislation to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis in Canada by July 2018.

If passed, the proposed Cannabis Act would create rules for producing, using and selling cannabis across Canada.

Provinces and territories could also adjust or build on certain federal rules, like raising the minimum age to have or buy cannabis to over 18.

About the consultation

We have important decisions to make about how cannabis will be used, sold and regulated in Ontario to protect young people, keep our roads safe and support public health.

We asked for your input on how we should approach legalizing cannabis in Ontario in five key areas:

  1. setting a minimum age for having, using and buying cannabis
  2. deciding where people can use cannabis
  3. keeping our roads safe
  4. regulating cannabis sales
  5. planning public education 

Read our consultation paper to learn more about what we asked during the consultation, or download the consultation paper in another language:

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