The Cyber Security Centre of Excellence helps educate Ontario government ministries and broader public sector organizations about cyber security and best practices to keep Ontarians’ information safe and secure. We provide advice, guidance, information and services to strengthen digital resilience while meeting digital service delivery expectations.

Examples of broader public sector organizations include:

  • hospitals
  • universities
  • colleges
  • municipalities
  • school boards
  • children's aid societies
  • community care access corporations
  • corporations controlled by one or more designated public service organization(s) that exists soley or primarily for the purpose of purchasing goods or services for said organizations
  • publicly funded organizations that receive $10 million or more from the Government of Ontario

The Cyber Security Centre of Excellence offers education and awareness materials about cyber security. You can access online learning modules to complete training on foundational cyber security topics.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual campaign held each year to inform on the importance of cyber security.

As a general rule, do not click on any links, open any emails, or share personal information unless you are sure the site or sender is who they say they are. Take your time when opening and reading emails and text messages.

Throughout October, find resources and tips on the Cyber Security Learning Portal.

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Community of Practice

The Community of Practice is a network of cyber practitioners in the broader public sector that participate in regular webinars to stay up-to-date on the latest cyber security news and information from the Cyber Security Centre of Excellence.

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Vendor of Record program

The Vendor of Record program provides high-quality products and services at competitive pricing for broader public sector organizations.

You can find frequently requested vendor services, such as cyber incident response and forensics, in Tender-11558 – IT Security Products and Services on the Supply Chain Ontario website.

Cyber Security Expert Panel

The Cyber Security Expert Panel was established in October 2020 to provide the Minister of Public and Business Service Delivery with recommendations to improve digital resilience across government and the Broader Public Sector. This report is part of Ontario’s first-ever Cyber Security Strategy and an important milestone in our efforts to improve our cyber resilience.

In their report, the expert panel provides recommendations to help the Ontario Public Service and Broader Public Sector organizations become more cyber resilient through better preparation, prevention, and response. This provides guidance and supports that municipalities and organizations like hospitals, school boards, colleges and universities, and children’s aid societies need to prevent and respond to future cyber attacks.

Read the Cyber Security Expert Panel final report

Learn more about the Cyber Security Expert Panel members.

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Other ways to ensure you have the latest information:

  • protect your assets by registering with vendors to receive security information specific to your technology products
  • alerts and advisories are also available from the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

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Policy and standards

The Government of Ontario Information and Technology Standards (GO-ITS) Security Standards are the official standards adopted by the Government of Ontario.

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