Protecting source water

Learn about Ontario’s award-winning drinking water protection framework to ensure water quality. The first step in having clean water to drink is protecting the local, natural sources of water that supply our local systems. This is called source protection.

Working with First Nations to improve drinking water

Learn about Ontario’s collaborative work with First Nations communities and the federal government to support the elimination of long-term drinking water advisories, build local capacity and ensure the long-term sustainability of drinking water on reserves.

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Drinking water systems

Municipal drinking water systems

Over 80% of Ontarians receive their drinking water from municipal residential drinking water systems.

Non-municipal drinking water systems

Ontario residents living in mobile home parks and selected residential facilities may be serviced by non-municipal drinking water systems.

Wells on your property

Information and rules for residential well owners for the proper location, construction, maintenance and abandonment of a well.

Water testing

Drinking water test labs: accreditation and licensing

How to get a licence to test drinking water at a lab in Ontario

Flushing and sampling for lead

Rules for schools, private schools and day nurseries to flush plumbing and test drinking water for lead.


Minister’s annual report on drinking water (2023)

Read an overview of our programs, policies and initiatives to protect drinking water in Ontario.

2022-2023 Chief Drinking Water Inspector annual report

The Chief Drinking Water Inspector Annual Report provides information on the performance of Ontario’s regulated drinking water systems and laboratories, drinking water test results, and enforcement activities and programs.

The Walkerton Report

Recommendations from Walkerton on the future safety of drinking water in Ontario.