Declarations of emergency due to severe thunderstorm/high winds event

Current as of June 23, 2022

As a result of a severe thunderstorm/high winds event, the following communities have declared emergencies:

Township of UxbridgeMay 21
Wollaston TownshipMay 21
Township of Greater MadawaskaMay 21
Township of LimerickMay 21
Township of Tudor and CashelMay 21
City of PeterboroughMay 24
Municipality of Marmora and LakeMay 26

Provincial status on COVID-19

Current as of June 23, 2022

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Revoked COVID-19 emergency orders
O. Reg.Order description
25/21Extension of Order
305/21Regulated health professionals
8/21Enforcement of COVID-19 measures
346/22Revoking various [ROA] regulations
114/20Enforcement of orders
458/20Extension of Order
363/20Steps of reopening
364/20Rules for areas in step 3
195/20Treatment of temporary COVID-19 related payments to employees
116/20Work deployment for boards of health
74/20Work deployment for health service provider
77/20Work deployment for long-term care homes
118/20Work deployment measures in retirement homes
95/20Streamlining requirements for long-term care homes
141/20Temporary health or residential facilities
121/20Service agencies providing services and supports to adults with developmental disabilities
145/20Work deployment measures for service agencies providing violence against women residential services and crisis line services
154/20Work deployment measures for district social services administration boards
157/20Work deployment measures for municipalities
76/20Electronic service of documents
71/22Critical infrastructure and highways
98/20Prohibiting unfair pricing on necessary goods
146/20Limiting work to a single long-term care home
156/20Deployment of employees of service provider organizations
158/20Limiting work to a single retirement home
163/20Work deployment measures for mental health and addictions agencies
177/20Congregate care setting
193/20Hospital credentialing processes
210/20Management of long-term care homes in outbreak
235/22Revoking various regulations
168/22Revoking various regulations
82/22Termination of Emergency
132/20Use of force and firearms in policing services
190/20Access to personal health information by means of the electronic health record
80/20Electricity price for RPP consumers
55/21Compliance orders for retirement homes
82/20Rules for areas in shutdown zone and at step 1
240/20Management of retirement homes in outbreak
263/20Rules for areas in step 2
69/22Declaration of emergency
70/22Confirmation of declaration of emergency
192/20Certain persons enabled to issue medical certificates of death
271/21Work redeployment for local health integration networks and Ontario health
272/21Transfer of hospital patient
317/21Agreements between health service providers and retirement homes
304/21Work Redeployment for Independent Health Facilities
293/21Persons entering Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec
288/21Closure of public lands for recreational camping
291/21Extension of emergency
265/21Stay-at-Home Order
266/21Residential evictions
264/21Declaration of Emergency
129/20Signatures in wills and powers of attorney
241/20Special rules regarding temporary pandemic pay
11/21Stay-at-home order
89/21Stay-at-Home Order (City of Toronto Health Unit)
76/21Stay-at-Home Order (North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit)
73/21Stay-at-Home Order (Peel Regional Health Unit)
13/21Residential evictions
63/21Stay-at-Home Order (York Regional Health Unit)
64/21Stay-at-Home Order (Windsor-Essex County Health Unit)
65/21Stay-at-Home Order (Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit)
66/21Stay-at-Home Order (Waterloo Health Unit)
67/21Stay-at-Home Order (Timiskaming Health Unit)
68/21Stay-at-Home Order (Thunder Bay District Health Unit)
69/21Stay-at-Home Order (Sudbury and District Health Unit)
70/21Stay-at-Home Order (Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit)
71/21Stay-at-Home Order (Porcupine Health Unit)
72/21Stay-at-Home Order (Peterborough County - City Health Unit)
74/21Stay-at-Home Order (Oxford Elgin St. Thomas Health Unit)
75/21Stay-at-Home Order (Northwestern Health Unit)
77/21Stay-at-Home Order (Niagara Regional Area Health Unit)
78/21Stay-at-Home Order (Middlesex-London Health Unit)
79/21Stay-at-Home Order (Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit)
80/21Stay-at-Home Order (Lambton Health Unit)
81/21Stay-at-Home Order (Huron Perth Health Unit)
82/21Stay-at-Home Order (Halton Regional Health Unit)
83/21Stay-at-Home Order (Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit)
84/21Stay-at-Home Order (Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit)
85/21Stay-at-Home Order (Grey Bruce Health Unit)
86/21Stay-at-Home Order (The Eastern Ontario Health Unit)
87/21Stay-at-Home Order (Durham Regional Health Unit)
88/21Stay-at-Home Order (The District of Algoma Health Unit)
90/21Stay-at-Home Order (City of Ottawa Health Unit)
91/21Stay-at-Home Order (City of Hamilton Health Unit)
92/21Stay-at-Home Order (Chatham-Kent Health Unit)
93/21Stay-at-Home Order (Brant County Health Unit)

Declaration of emergency

75/20Drinking water and sewage
52/20Organized public events, certain gatherings
139/20Child care fees
51/20Closure of establishments
191/20Global adjustment for market participants and consumers
142/20Closure of public lands for recreational camping
107/20Corporations, co-operative corporations and condominium corporations
50/20Declaration of Emergency
120/20Access to COVID-19 status information by specified persons
128/20Pick up and delivery of cannabis
140/20Agreements between health service providers and retirement homes
89/20Traffic management
104/20Closure of outdoor recreational amenities
106/20Extensions and renewals of order
205/20Education sector
73/20Limitation periods