Declarations of emergency due to severe thunderstorms/high winds events

Current as of July 18, 2022

As a result of severe thunderstorms/high winds events, the following communities have declared emergencies:

Township of Tudor and CashelMay 21
Wollaston TownshipMay 22
Township of Greater MadawaskaMay 22
Township of LimerickMay 22
Municipality of TweedJuly 25

Provincial status on COVID-19

Current as of June 23, 2022

Learn more about the latest public health measures, advice and restrictions.

Revoked COVID-19 emergency orders
O. Reg.Order description
25/21Extension of Order
305/21Regulated health professionals
8/21Enforcement of COVID-19 measures
346/22Revoking various [ROA] regulations
114/20Enforcement of orders
458/20Extension of Order
363/20Steps of reopening
364/20Rules for areas in step 3
195/20Treatment of temporary COVID-19 related payments to employees
116/20Work deployment for boards of health
74/20Work deployment for health service provider
77/20Work deployment for long-term care homes
118/20Work deployment measures in retirement homes
95/20Streamlining requirements for long-term care homes
141/20Temporary health or residential facilities
121/20Service agencies providing services and supports to adults with developmental disabilities
145/20Work deployment measures for service agencies providing violence against women residential services and crisis line services
154/20Work deployment measures for district social services administration boards
157/20Work deployment measures for municipalities
76/20Electronic service of documents
71/22Critical infrastructure and highways
98/20Prohibiting unfair pricing on necessary goods
146/20Limiting work to a single long-term care home
156/20Deployment of employees of service provider organizations
158/20Limiting work to a single retirement home
163/20Work deployment measures for mental health and addictions agencies
177/20Congregate care setting
193/20Hospital credentialing processes
210/20Management of long-term care homes in outbreak
235/22Revoking various regulations
168/22Revoking various regulations
82/22Termination of Emergency
132/20Use of force and firearms in policing services
190/20Access to personal health information by means of the electronic health record
80/20Electricity price for RPP consumers
55/21Compliance orders for retirement homes
82/20Rules for areas in shutdown zone and at step 1
240/20Management of retirement homes in outbreak
263/20Rules for areas in step 2
69/22Declaration of emergency
70/22Confirmation of declaration of emergency
192/20Certain persons enabled to issue medical certificates of death
271/21Work redeployment for local health integration networks and Ontario health
272/21Transfer of hospital patient
317/21Agreements between health service providers and retirement homes
304/21Work Redeployment for Independent Health Facilities
293/21Persons entering Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec
288/21Closure of public lands for recreational camping
291/21Extension of emergency
265/21Stay-at-Home Order
266/21Residential evictions
264/21Declaration of Emergency
129/20Signatures in wills and powers of attorney
241/20Special rules regarding temporary pandemic pay
11/21Stay-at-home order
89/21Stay-at-Home Order (City of Toronto Health Unit)
76/21Stay-at-Home Order (North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit)
73/21Stay-at-Home Order (Peel Regional Health Unit)
13/21Residential evictions
63/21Stay-at-Home Order (York Regional Health Unit)
64/21Stay-at-Home Order (Windsor-Essex County Health Unit)
65/21Stay-at-Home Order (Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit)
66/21Stay-at-Home Order (Waterloo Health Unit)
67/21Stay-at-Home Order (Timiskaming Health Unit)
68/21Stay-at-Home Order (Thunder Bay District Health Unit)
69/21Stay-at-Home Order (Sudbury and District Health Unit)
70/21Stay-at-Home Order (Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit)
71/21Stay-at-Home Order (Porcupine Health Unit)
72/21Stay-at-Home Order (Peterborough County - City Health Unit)
74/21Stay-at-Home Order (Oxford Elgin St. Thomas Health Unit)
75/21Stay-at-Home Order (Northwestern Health Unit)
77/21Stay-at-Home Order (Niagara Regional Area Health Unit)
78/21Stay-at-Home Order (Middlesex-London Health Unit)
79/21Stay-at-Home Order (Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit)
80/21Stay-at-Home Order (Lambton Health Unit)
81/21Stay-at-Home Order (Huron Perth Health Unit)
82/21Stay-at-Home Order (Halton Regional Health Unit)
83/21Stay-at-Home Order (Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit)
84/21Stay-at-Home Order (Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit)
85/21Stay-at-Home Order (Grey Bruce Health Unit)
86/21Stay-at-Home Order (The Eastern Ontario Health Unit)
87/21Stay-at-Home Order (Durham Regional Health Unit)
88/21Stay-at-Home Order (The District of Algoma Health Unit)
90/21Stay-at-Home Order (City of Ottawa Health Unit)
91/21Stay-at-Home Order (City of Hamilton Health Unit)
92/21Stay-at-Home Order (Chatham-Kent Health Unit)
93/21Stay-at-Home Order (Brant County Health Unit)

Declaration of emergency

75/20Drinking water and sewage
52/20Organized public events, certain gatherings
139/20Child care fees
51/20Closure of establishments
191/20Global adjustment for market participants and consumers
142/20Closure of public lands for recreational camping
107/20Corporations, co-operative corporations and condominium corporations
50/20Declaration of Emergency
120/20Access to COVID-19 status information by specified persons
128/20Pick up and delivery of cannabis
140/20Agreements between health service providers and retirement homes
89/20Traffic management
104/20Closure of outdoor recreational amenities
106/20Extensions and renewals of order
205/20Education sector
73/20Limitation periods