Ontario Geological Survey

About the Ontario Geological Survey’s (OGS) services, projects and research, the study of the earth and how the OGS helps inform mineral exploration and land use planning.

Geo Labs

Ontario’s Geoscience Laboratories is a full service inorganic geoanalytical facility providing research quality analyses and services.

Summer work experience for geoscience students

Field work opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students with the Ontario Geological Survey.

Northern Ontario GeoTours

Learn about the geological features and rich mining history of Northern Ontario by taking a self-guided GeoTour.

Applications, maps and databases


An online database of our publicly available digital data.


Get geoscience data on mineral exploration activities, bedrock geology, quarternary geology and more.

Indexes of maps

Access Ontario geology maps dating back to 1891 in map format (PDF).

Indexes of publications

Access Ontario geology reports, maps and digital data dating back to 1891 in report format (PDF).

Reports and publications

Publication release notices

Updates on the latest geology maps, reports and digital data published by the Ontario Geological Survey.

Summary of field work and other activities

Read the annual highlights of the Ontario Geological Survey’s mapping and geoscientific research.

Recommendations for exploration

Reports published each year highlighting areas for potential mineral exploration and development.

Mineral exploration activity reports

The latest news on mineral sector activity in Ontario.

Resident geologist report of activities

Read the report published every year highlighting the activities and projects of Ontario’s nine resident geologist districts.

Errata and amendments

Find a list of corrections for released publications.