Tourist operators that offer black bear hunting services to non-Ontario residents must be licenced by the ministry under the Ontario Moose-Bear Tourism Industry Program.

Non-residents of Ontario are required to use the services of a licensed bear operator.

Ontario resident black bear hunters are not required to use a licenced bear operator's services but you can retain those services if you wish.

Operators wishing to provide black bear hunting services to resident or non-resident clients in a bear management area (BMA) must be licenced for that BMA.

Hunting black bear with a licensed bear operator

Non-residents hunting with a bear operator must:

  1. be at least 16 years old
  2. have hunting accreditation from a recognized jurisdiction 
  3. have appropriate firearms accreditation if you are hunting with a gun (non-residents must follow all federal firearm regulations around declaring and transporting non-restricted firearms)
  4. have a valid Outdoors Card
  5. have a valid black bear licence (and associated bear tag)
  6. have a black bear validation certificate that was issued to you by a ministry licensed bear operator
  7. complete all mandatory hunter reporting requirements at the conclusion of the hunt with the operator

Your bear operator will provide you with a black bear validation certificate as part of the purchased hunting package, after you have purchased/produced your valid Outdoors Card, black bear licence and associated tag.

Whenever you hunt, you must:

  • carry your Outdoors Card, firearms licence/accreditation (if hunting with a gun)
  • carry your licence summary listing your bear licence
  • carry your bear tag and bear validation certificate
  • follow all hunting regulations

Mandatory hunter reporting

All black bear hunters are required to report on their hunting activity and harvest. You must submit the required report or reports even if you did not hunt or harvest a bear. Failure to submit the required reports may result in penalties including being prevented from purchasing a future licence or licences.


At the end of the hunt, non-residents must complete and sign the mandatory hunter report at the bottom of the copies of their validation certificate and submit it the bear operator by:

  • June 22 for the spring season
  • December 7 for the fall season

Operators must submit all completed non-resident reports to the ministry by the required deadlines:

  • June 29 for spring
  • December 14 for fall


Residents must complete and submit their mandatory resident black bear hunter report through the Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service by:

  • December 14 for the spring and fall season