In Ontario, the Travel Industry Act regulates travel agents and wholesalers, who must be registered under the act if they operate in Ontario.

The act is enforced and administered by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario and ensures that when you book a vacation or other travel service through a registered business in Ontario, you:

  • know the total price, including all fees
  • get a receipt from the agent or wholesaler once you pay for travel services
  • are notified and offered a refund or comparable alternate travel services if there are certain changes to your travel arrangements, such as a change to the departure date or hotel accommodation
  • are notified if there is a price increase of more than 7% on the original total package price
  • are protected when you make a prepaid deposit
  • are reimbursed for eligible claims out of the Travel Industry Compensation Fund (e.g., if you don’t receive the services you paid for and the travel agent is unable to reimburse you due to bankruptcy or insolvency)
  • 2002
    was when the Travel Industry Act was last updated
  • 79%
    of travel bookings were made online in 2016*

*Source: TICO Annual Consumer Survey, February 2017.

About the consultation

The Travel Industry Act hasn’t been reviewed since 2002, so changes may be needed to reflect the increasing use of online travel and home-sharing services. Rules may be outdated and place an unnecessary burden on businesses that sell travel services in Ontario.

To help us determine how to update the act and/or the regulation and better protect consumers, we conducted consultations to collect comments and recommendations from consumers and people in the travel industry.

The consultation included 3 phases:

  • phase 1 – identify issues through email and stakeholder meetings
  • phase 2 – hold in-person consultations across the province to examine the issues raised during phase 1 and discuss proposals on how to update the act
  • phase 3 – post a phase 2 report for people to review and provide feedback

We are reviewing the findings of this consultation to determine our next steps. If you would like more information, please contact

Phase 2 report

The phase 2 report includes:

  • what we found during phase 2 consultations with industry stakeholders and members of the public
  • relevant research and data analysis
  • proposals for possible changes to the Travel Industry Act and/or its regulation

Privacy and personal information

Your privacy is important to us

If you submitted feedback on behalf of an organization or as an individual but indicated an affiliation with an organization, unless agreed to by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, your feedback will be considered public information and may be:

  • used to assist in evaluating and revising the proposed changes to the Travel Industry Act and its regulation
  • shared with other interested parties during and after the public consultations

If you submitted as an individual and did not indicate an affiliation with an organization, unless you expressly stated otherwise, your feedback will not be considered public information but it may be used and disclosed by the ministry to assist in evaluating and revising the proposed changes to the Travel Industry Act and its regulation. Your personal details such as name and contact information will not be disclosed by the ministry without your consent unless required by law.

If you have any questions about the collection of this information, please send us an email.