Executive summary

We are working to bring access to high-speed internet to every community across the province by the end of 2025.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Ontario developed the Building Broadband Faster Act guideline, in partnership with stakeholders and partner ministries, to expedite the delivery of designated high-speed internet projects. The guideline was first released on November 30, 2021, and updated on August 4, 2022 and August 14, 2023 to reflect new legislation, regulations and processes that have been put in place since November 2021. Together these changes will help stakeholders develop and deliver high-speed internet projects faster by streamlining processes and removing barriers that may result in additional costs and delays.

In summary, the guideline:

  • provides detailed guidance and best practices to support successful implementation of legislative and regulatory requirements for designated broadband projects under the Building Broadband Faster Act, 2021, the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, Electrical Safety Act, and Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act, 2012 
  • sets out required processes and timelines when internet service providers (ISPs) work with local distribution companies (LDCs), municipalities and other parties to deploy fibre internet.
  • describes the role of the Technical Assistance Team (TAT) that provides support, informal advice and assistance to municipalities, internet service providers (ISPs) and local distribution companies (LDCs) on the implementation of the guideline and implementation of provincial high-speed internet projects
  • illustrates best practices for accessing LDC-owned poles, including design, construction, and cost allocation elements
  • describes the processes for addressing disputes that may arise between broadband stakeholders, including:
    • an informal process through which the TAT would facilitate collaborative discussions between stakeholders to achieve non-binding, mutually agreeable resolutions
    • formal processes through which binding resolutions may be issued by decision-making bodies, such as the Minister of Infrastructure, Ontario Energy Board (OEB), and the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT)
  • provides guidance on cost sharing of broadband-related work between ISPs and LDCs to support compliance with Ontario Energy Board Act (OEBA) requirements
  • outlines a streamlined process for obtaining permits from the Ministry of Transportation to perform work within or adjacent to provincial highway rights-of-way

This guideline is meant to be used by stakeholders involved in provincially funded high-speed internet projects, which may include:

  • local distribution companies (LDC)
  • internet service providers (ISP)
  • telecommunications service providers (TSPs)
  • Ontario One Call and their respective members
  • dedicated locators
  • municipalities

It will also be of interest to other parties, including:


If you require this information in an alternative format, please email broadband@ontario.ca. We will:

  • acknowledge your request within three business days
  • provide you with the content within 15 business days